Wonderful Fox Dress


The first thing that caught my attention when I entered the room dedicated to fur garments in Kick Design Studio of Kopenhagen Fur was this SUPER FANTASTIC FABULOUS SOFT MAGIC LIGHT BEAUTIFUL FUR DRESS IN FOX AND ORGANZA.

I was dreaming of taking it with me in my fur wardrobe, but unfortunately I just had the possibility to wear it for the shooting…



Most people when thinking about FUR think just about jackets … fur coats !!! With fur it’s possibile to make whatever we want, dresses, accessories, shirts, pants, skirts, bags, necklaces, rings, shoes, furniture, iPad covers …..

I will share some of these fur things in the next posts …

I would love to see more and more dresses with fur on catwalks!

Did you see the Haute Couture in Paris ? Click here !!! Many many fur dresses….


 Photo: Jana Anhalt

Fox Dress: Kopenhagen Fur

Location: Kick Design Studio in Copenhagen

Make Up and Hair: Lea Sonne


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