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Fox fur vest: real “Russian style” worn by Lady Fur during New York Fashion Week 2016

Fox fur vest in question is a fox fur. I wrote “Russian style” because it’s a brand Made in Russia even if the name is Italian: Via Cappella. The foxes come from fur auction house Nafa Auction. I wore the fox fur vest on the first day of NYFW New York Fashion Week. We took the photos around the city in front of Bergdorf Goodman, and before going to Tommy Hilfiger.


How to match the fox fur vest during NYFW?

I thought of matching the fox fur vest with seventies style Giulietta orange coloured bell bottomed trousers, and, given the near polar temperature, a very tight grey polo neck. If it hadn’t been so cold I would have worn it with a long, high-waisted skirt with brown Uggs and sequined polo neck.

A fox fur like this one goes well with everything. Even with jeans, jumper and ankle boots.

In New York the photographers went crazy for this fur, I was published in many magazines, instagram and blogs. Soon I will publish a post dedicated to my press where you will be able to see all the photos other photographers have taken of me =)

The fur brand Via Cappella was not new to me. When I found it on Instagram I fell in love with it. I was invited to their showroom in Milan. While the marketing manager was very kindly showing me the whole collection (AMAZING) I had to interupt her (yes, unfortunately I have this bad habit. I hope to improve one day) to ask if I could try on the fox fur vest. Without waiting for an answer the gilet just slipped on me… I immediately felt it belonged to me. I confess that when I go crazy for a fur, I can think of nothing else. So guys I TOOK IT. Isn’t it one of the most beautiful I have ever had?

new york Fox fur vest NYFW VIA CAPPELLA long fox fur vest lady fur NYFW lady fur bergdorf goodman IMG_2107 new york fashion week lady fur fox fur vest bergdordf goodman lady fur fox fur vest fox fur vest lady fur bergdorf goodman lady fur press via cappella fur lady fur lady fur new york IMG_2237 fox fur long fur IMG_2089 via ceppalla fur IMG_2094 IMG_2089_color



From Via Cappella I also got a wonderful parka with fur. You have already seen it on instagram and on snapchat but soon I will publish the photos shot with Maud, the photographer I worked with in New York. Maud is an excellent Danish photographer, I hope to work with her again as soon as possible: we worked very well together. She is really talented.

What did I do in New York?

A thousand things: I went to “Good Morning America” the most watched and most important television show, I had meetings with talent agencies, web agencies, I met photographers, buyers and journalists, I went to shows, to thousands of events, I met people of our sector that I love to call FAMILY, my big fur family. I went to the biggest department stores like Sacks, Bergdorf and soon there will be news and much more. This New York Fashion Week was a great success. I can’t wait to tell you the rest.

fox fur vest via cappella bergdorf goodman IMG_2372

Photo Maud Frisenfeldt Fur: Via Cappella Pants: Giulietta Shoes: Strategia Sunglasses: Miu Miu


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