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car with driver copenhagen fur

Car with driver is the best way to face the thousands of appointments of Copenhagen Fashion Week

“Car with driver, car with driver, please find me a car with driver ” I must have repeated this phrase hysterically twenty times to Alessandra my account. In Copenhagen in the winter it’s always freezing cold. It’s so cold you want to stay in bed under a fur cover, but this was impossible and unworkable as I was in the Danish capital to video Copenhagen Fashion Week. I attended the most important shows and events, had meetings in the most diverse places around the city.

Fortunately Alessandra found Limos4 a Copenhagen service with luxury cars with drivers. We found them googling “car with driver Copenhagen“. The came up in first place on Google.

I can confirm that having a car with driver was the best choice I coud have made. I didn’t miss one meeting, I arrived punctual at all my appointments, I didn’t catch cold, I didn’t get stressed and I could admire the beautiful and elegant city of Copenhangen.

In fact it was a “five star” experience and now that I have tried it, I would always like to have a car with driver, above all when I go abroad for business.fur coat lady fur car with driver copenhagencar with driver copenhagen fur

Car with driver is the best choice

I can’t use public transport because I always wear really expensive furs (click on: FUR OUTFIT to see theme) and I am always scared that someone will ruin them. In Milan I use my car or UBER.

UBER is without doubt a really cool service but you absolutely can’t compare it with having a car with private driver. No, No, No it’s a whole other story. If you have a private driver you can leave your things, like your jacket or your computer, in the car, which becomes your second home) Copenhagen is small so you can get to appointments easily but for example in New York having a private driver is the best thing because the big apple is not just big, it’s huge, if there is traffic you can get stuck in traffic for up to half an hour. Speaking of costly furs in the photos I am wearing a fully inlaid fur by Vladimiro Gioia. The fur is mink and fox. Judge for yourselves if I could ever take public transport in a fur like that. I would say definitely not.

oh! by kopenhagen fur
oh! by Kopenhagen fur furry friends find more on —— —-

car with driver copenhagen fur copenhagen lady fur car with driver copenhagen fur fur coat vladimiro gioia copenhagen lady fur

The photographers adored Vladimiro Gioia’s fur and it was also shot by WWD Magazine. Click here to see the photo.

The driver that took me around all Copenhagen Fashion Week is one of my followers=)Isn’t that cool?

In a few days I will share the video of and the video for my blog of Fashion Week, keep following me.

In the photos I’m wearing: Shoes Strategia, Fur Vladimiro Gioia, Bag L’edmotion Design, Fur Friends attached to my bag: Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, Jeans Levis, Ring in fur Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur e Sunglasses Miu Miu

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