Eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions how to wake up beautiful every morning.

Eyelash extensions my experience. I have thick and very long lashes but they are not curly, so without the help of an eyelash curler and mascara sometimes I can look tired. I hate hearing: You are tired, aren’t you? You travel a lot, you are tired. You should rest. ..I hate these stupid comments. I am thirty years old (non 20), I travel a lot, I am an entrepreneur, I have a very frenetic life and so it is obvious that I am tired but I don’t want to look tired. Unfortunately, also my image is my work and often I take part in events where I have to look fresh and rested. Sometimes makeup is not enough. Fake lashes are a great help but it is a long job and I can’t apply them alone.

Googling “eyelash extensions” I came across the site of Lash Bar Lash Dream experts in eyelash extensions.

Having hypersensitive (HYPER) big blue eyes, the idea of having the lashes attached one by one with glue doesn’t really attract me. Cowardly as I am, I was also afraid of the treatment. But now I will tell you how eyelash extension works (It is really cool) and others besides (it changed my life). If you know Italian read the article of Corriere about Lash Bar Lash Dream click here 

How does eyelash extension work? 

You lie on a very comfortable bed, and if you are cold there is also a cover. Plasters are applied to cover the lashes below.

Close your eyes for 60 minutes and they attach the lashes one by one. They thicken and lengthen them.

The glue can sting a little just when you first open your eyes but the redness and stinging pass after 10 minutes at the most.

The lashes last three weeks. If you want to keep them you have to have some retouches done.

The advantages of eyelash extensions (they are not disadvantages but cautions)

The lashes are delicate so

Don’t rub your eyes

If like me you sleep with your face buried in your pillow, when you wake up brush your lashes

Don’t use oil-based makeup removers, just the one advised by LASH BAR click here

You need to have retouches every three weeks

How much does eyelash extension cost?

It costs a bit, around 250 euros, but calculating the results it’s money well invested (now I can do my makeup in half the time, I don’t have to curl my lashes, put mascara and I don’t use eyeliner either)

I had the lashes attached a month ago, the first week I was always very careful to comb them etc…nearly worried, now they are a part of me, I don’t brush them a lot, I have almost forgotten I have them.

As soon as I have done this post I will go to have some retouches, not so much because I need it but because on Saturday I am going out with a boy and I would like to have doe eyes. =) And if the date goes on I would like him to find me beautiful even without makeup, in the morning. And with these eyelashes, it’s like I am always made up.

Lash Bar Lash Dream is in the heart of Milan.

Here are the addresses.


Salone LashBar
Vicolo S.Maria Valle,4

Ingresso anche da via Torino,57

20123 Milano

Tel.+39-02-39831309 (Italiano – English – Pусском)
Cel. +39-329-8394887

I hope this post has been useful.

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