Sable fur the fight

Sable fur giorgio magnani

Sable fur the fight that ended a relationship, I wanted the Giorgio Magnani fur

Sable fur: May 24 is my birthday. There exactly 12 days left. What do I want for my birthday? I would like a sable. Exactly I would like a sable fur with my name embroidered to show off next winter and to go into more detail I would like a sable fur FULL of fur, I mean LOTS OF SKINS. LOTS. Not low quality skins, I want the best.

The guy I am going out with today, I should say I was because after the fight with his mum over the sable I don’t think we will EVER see each other again. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I described the fur I had in mind.

Here is my description of the sable fur.

I would like a fur full of barguzinsky sable skins, tight at the waist with a long wide flared skirt, with a sable and crocodile belt.

No inlays or parts in crocodile, I want it ALL crocodile. ALL. And inside I would like to have my name written in the lining in pink reading in large letters: Lady Fur.

This boy “man” asked me thousands of times what I wanted for my birthday. Thousands. “Tell me what you want.”I didn’t have anything particular in mind. Anything would have done. I am a simple girl at heart but after such insistence we opted for sable.

When we were going to chose the sable from Giorgio Magnani luxury collection, in San Marino, click here his mother butted in. She proposed a luxury trip in the Maldives. (I would like to go just in the future not now and then it is nothing like the gift I chose) Why ask me if you are going to propose something different? My ex has known me for a long time and knows full well that I love fur and would have asked for a sable fur, not just any old one.

A beautiful gift, no doubt about it, pity that I really couldn’t go to the Maldives right now because I have business trips already programmed, but above all because we had already decided on the sable.

Finally we went to San Marino (the mother came along too) and we chose a fur. So far so good.Sable fur the fight

His mother (why do Mum’s always interfere in their children’s business?) saw what should have been my fur and fell in love with it. From Giorgio Magnani she chose the vest you see in the photos, marvellous, made with the back in python and embroidered pearls and more precisely the vest that Giorgio Magnani lent me at Mifur, to see the video click here. She had seen me wear it and liked it so she opted for the vest that you see in the photos and NOT for my fur.

Not only but, unbeknownst to me, she had her son give her the fur I chose giving me the one in the photos.

How did I find out? A few days before I left for Shanghai, I asked my ex if I could wear the fur in Shangai to do a shooting with Mattia my photographer.

He was strangely sweet, loving, he took me out to dinner, and gave me the fur.

When I opened the gift box, discovering that it was not my fur, I “foolishly” thought OK HE GOT HE WRONG BOX. But no, it was the right box. His mother had taken my fur rich with sable skin and I was given the vest.

The sable vest with smeared python back embroidered with pearls is marvellous. I love Giorgio Magnani’s furs, all of them. The vest is beautiful, I can certainly wear it both in winter and in summer. It is certainly a beautiful gift.

But the gesture he made didn’t impress me AT ALL. I can’t stand mothers that get involved in their children’s relationships. Naturally they are always mums of sons never daughters. And I can’t bear sons that don’t have the courage to own their actions. I hate Mummy’s boys. Italian guys are made that way, they depend on their Mums.

Naturally I left him. Not for the gesture but because the situation had become unbearable. His mother continuously judged me negatively be it for my passion for fur or for my job. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Having a “fiance” if I can call him that because despite having known him for ages, we had been “together” for a really short time, is not too in line with my commitments and with my way of life: it’s like having a second job.

In the end I was great alone. Why? I don’t know but now I am ON MY OWN I am doing GREAT.

In the photos I am in Shanghai with my new Giorgio Magnani sable. click here to visit Giorgio Magnani web site Le Capresi shoes



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Love you Lady Fur

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