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mink farm copenhagen

Today I went to a mink farm here in Denmark.

It was an unforgettable experience. It wasn’t my first time. I had already been there when I was studying at Kopenhagen Fur in April three years ago.

The main reasonable for my visit was to make a short video that I hope will debunk some false myths about fur.

– The animals are skinned alive? No! And I will prove it.

– The animals are closed in small cages all together? No! And I will prove it.

– The animals are mistreated? Absolutely not! And I will prove it.


This video will show the mink farm ( beautiful minks of various colours ), how they are fed, the conditions they live in and above all Jan, the university professor ( specialized in the nutrition and digestive tract of minks) who accompanied me in this fantastic experience, who will tell you how the types of fur are created, or rather the colours, the mutations.

I seriously think that the work of the mink farmers is VERY creative. They can be rightly considered real colour designers. They carefully study the family tree, analyzing the coat of ancestors of the mink to compare it with that of the youngest.

Redder, more mahogany, less grey, blacker…each mink has a slighltly different tonality of colour and every now and then, by chance, one is born that could become a new type, a new appealing mutation for the market.

One of my favourite is the black and white Blackcross mink.


And then, supporting the farmers there she is, what I call Mother Kopenhagen Fur.

Kopenahgen Fur then takes care of plachino the furs. Its marketing department analyses the market, investigates and researches to help the farmers create mink fur that is appealing for the auction clients.


Don’t miss the video about mink farm 

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  • Thank you for sharing this, I will be a nice video to watch and see that these animals are treated properly before becoming coats. It must have been a very interesting visit !

  • It is wonderful to see someone take the time to show the positive side of the industry. These animals are really not mistreated. The farmers realize that the quality of fur comes from the animals’ quality of life. Thank you for helping spread a positive message.

  • You can only produce Quality Skins and fürs when the animals are treated well…..
    I visited a Fox farm in Finland and since then I wear my silver Fox coat oder other with more proud and confidence

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