I’m Astonished!

People often ask me questions such as: “There are still people wearing fur coats?” or: ” Isn’t the fur market in deep crisis?”

To whose who do not known the beauty of this material and do not understand it’s many uses, I can only reply with numbers:


  •  5,4% increase in sales worldwide and a turnover of $ 14 billion during 2011.
  •   In the past decade fur sales increased by 70% worldwide.


These data was provided by The International Fur Trade Federation.

The leather processing continues to be a great economic power and when who ask me these of questions are people who have studied Business or even people that own important businesses theirself (people who, in my opinion, should know a little better) I SIMPLY HORRIFY.

As in other industries, China is becoming the master of the fur business, but the demand continues to grow both in traditional markets such as North America, Europe, Russia, the Far East and in the emerging ones with Ukraine , Brazil, Turkey and Kazakhstan, where the consumption of luxury goods is higher nowadays.

It appears clear, from the data shown above, that the fur is more actual than ever, but above all timeless.


Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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