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fur collar lady fur mano swartz

Fur collar how to wear it, what a boring title, I’m sorry I couldn’t think of anything better.

The fur collar that you see in the photo is in real Mongolian by the brand Mano Swartz. I shot these beautiful photos in Baltimore during my experience with Mano Swartz.

How to wear a fur collar

I swear I could write a book about this. For example, the fur collar that you see in the photo is a collar in real coloured Mongolian fur.

It was hung around the neck of a plastic mannequin in the Mano Swartz store, put in the classic way. Around the neck.

I thought about wearing the collar “vest-style” to better enhance my eighties style outfit.

Wearing the fur collar as I did has its advantages:

  • fur collar helps you to have correct posture
  • fur collar accentuates the female form of the breast and behind

so I advise wearing the fur collar with a dress or with tight-fitting trousers and top when you want to be sexy in the evening.

fur collar how to match lady fur
Lady Fur wearing fur collar in Mongolian by Mano Swartz

How to match the fur collar

My advice is to always start from the collar. Play with colours. in the photos I am wearing a polo neck silver top, the fur collar is blue and pink not shiny but opaque. Plus the fur collar is long-haired and I love the contrast of the short hair with the long hair. Like shaved mink inlays with fox fur  beautiful.

I was searching on the web for collars with hair…help how do I match it? Honestly, I don’t understand why you panic when it comes to matching a fur article to your outfits. It’s really easy. For example, the fur collar is an article that is easy to put over jackets, coats, shirts.

About a month ago I wore a fur collar with foxtail, always by Mano Swartz, do you remember it? Click here.

It was August so I matched the fur collar with summer outfits.

 lady fur
Lady Fur wearing Mano Swartz fur collar, I-pant iPhone cover, Miu Miu sunglasses

Now it’s November and I am wearing fur collars of all types of hairs and varieties of colours on wool jumpers, gilets, shirts with skirts, bon-ton coats, follow me and gradually I will share the photos of my outfits hoping that they will inspire you.

Where to buy a fur collar

It wouldn’t be very kind if I wrote, listed the online shops (as I often do) where you can find the collar, because this post is dedicated to Richard Swartz, owner of Mano Swartz the oldest furrier in America who just a few days ago launched his new online shop.

lady fur eating

Here below instead there is a selection of fur collars I found in the Mano Swartz shop.

Your Lady Fur

If you want to see all post did in Baltimore with Mano Swartz click here

Photos of Diner in Baltimore near Mano Swartz fur shop

lady fur
fur collar how to wear it
LEITMOTIV suit and pants, Mano Swartz furs

Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_16 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_17 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_01 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_21 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_12 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_11 lady fur in baltimore Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_09 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_10 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_14 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_15 Lady_Fur_Diner_Baltimore_13

lady fur wearing fur collar
Leitmotiv suit and pants

Pants and shirt LEITMOTIV

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

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