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Light pink fur coat: Every girl’s dream!

Have you ever dreamt of a light pink fur coat? i know i have

I remember when i was a little girl loving to play dress up and putting on everything fluffy and light pink that i could find, i know that if you were a girly girl you did too so don’t denny it, we all have dreamt of a big fluffy light pink fur coat, well guess what, that little dream of ours is now one of the biggest trends of the moment!, now we can dress in the most fashionable coats of the moment bringing back our inner girl but still look as stylish and trendy as ever! and if you don’t believe me and think i’m being childish, i’m going to show you some of the biggest celebrities of the moment wearing this light pink fur coat made by some of the most prestigious designers.

Light pink fur coat: how do you match it?

Light pink fur coat is not that hard if you think about it, i’m going to give you a tip, it is a statement piece, so if you are going to wear something, keep it simple, you can dress it up or down, but remember sometimes less is more, i immagine myself in a light pink fur coat wearing underneath a little black dress for an elegant evening looking fancy and fabulous at the same time, or even for the day! wearing some simple outfit as it is jeans and t-shirt, everyone would turn their heads around to look at you! wouldn’t you do the same if you saw someone wearing a fur coat like this one?

I’m going to give you some examples of how i would wear the light pink fur coat.


light pink fur coat trend

First fur outfit: Fox light Pink fur coat:  21.800€ on polyvore                                    Dress: Saint Laurent 3,490€ on Mytheresa ,

Second outfit: Altuzarra fox fur coat: 9,895€ on Mytheresa                                        Shorts: Phillip Plein 559€

Thirtd outfit:  Gucci fur coat 3,710€  on polyvore                                                          Trousers: Phillip Plein 1137€

Sometimes, people think that furs have to be worn in a fancy way and that are only for special events… well that is boring, so if you actually want to mix things up and add a personal touch, why don’t you wear a light pink fur coat to go to the gym!? imagine you in the cold winter going out in your work out gear and wearing on top of it a pink fur coat! AMAZING!! or even in a more rock and roll way you can see in the examples i just gave you how i matched it with those Phillip Plein leather cut out pants

Who has worn the light pink fur coat?

you would never guess.. when you think about a light pink fur coat, you would think oh ok maybe because its something delicate you’ll see for sure Taylor Swift or Miranda Kerr, well.. let me tell you you are wrong! this season wee see girls like Nicky Minaj and Bad Gal Riri rocking this piece in total light pink, maybe bad girls also have another sweet, feminine and girly side inside of them.



Lady Fur two favorite light pink fur coat

gucci light pink fur coat











I hope you enjoyed my post

Love you Lady Fur

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