The fur salon at Bergdorf Goodman

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The fur salon at Bergdorf Goodman, Linda Fargo and much more.

On blog it was essential to talk about a department store where have been exposed and sold the most beautiful furs in the world, that  was the first in America to support  the most famous furriers of Italy, sisters Fendi, offering them a window in the Seventies and where a legendary rock star spent a crazy amount to buy eighty furs during Christmas’ Eve.

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“I want my ashes scattered at Bergdorf’s!”.

This is what you read  in a satirical cartoon of the New Yorker  in reference at the temple of fashion of the Fifth Avenue in New York,  to indicate how this magical place (Saks and Seldfridges competitors don’t bear me a grudge for this) is the quintessence of luxury, a real corner of paradise on earth.


Bergdorf Goodman, the fashion Olympus is all present (Alexander McQueen, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, to name a few): the new gods (also said designers) aspire to their place and to be part of it.

No other department store has the appeal and the history of Bergdorf’s, which was born from the partnership between Herman Bergdorf, french tailor,  and Edwin Goodman, a jewish american mercant, who made built a fifth-floor  neoclassical style palace in the heart of Manhattan and were pioneer of ready-to-wear, becoming a landmark of american and french markets from the early twenty’s of  last century.

Bergordf Goodman 1950

Edwin’s son, Andrew, became president of the store from 1951 to 1972. During this period the store launched his own fur brand: timeless iconic classical style pieces realized with precious materials.

John Lenon and Yoko Ono

Amongst the cult moments for fur lovers happened at Bergdorf Goodman we can’t forget that Christmas Eve at the end of the Seventies when Yoko Ono phoned the fur salon of the store, asking to the manager John Cohen if it was possible to send some furs to her New York appartment, because her husband John Lennon wanted to make her a gift.

Andrew Goodman imediatly said to mr.Cohen to content the vip client.

The couple bought eighty furs for a total amount of 400000 $.


Coming back to the legend that have passed from Bergdorf and talking about cult furs, let’s talk about the tv program “My name is Barbra” (1965) which has been filmed at Bergdorf’s fur salon.

Singer Barbra Straisand sings wearing a wrapped exotic long leopard print fur of the designer loved by Tom Ford, Halston, which was on sales at Bergdorf Goodman.

Here’s a little extract of the tv show where you can see the fur worn by Ms. Straisand.


Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus

Now Bergdorf Goodman is not anymore property of Goodman’s Family: Neiman Marcus Group owns it.

An iconic figure of contemporary history of Bergdorf Goodman is the platinum bob buyer Linda Fargo.

Cultured , super photographed and ironic (said laughing as often is mistaken for Anna Wintour), Linda Fargo loves fur.

Linda Fargo loves furs

linda fargo furs

Her taste is hyper contemporary, conceptual and sophisticated.

She choices the furs that will be in the store.

For this winter 2015 Linda Fargo has selected items in the finest materials: mink, rabbit, sable, chinchilla, alligator, calf and so on.

The material that struck me most, however, a little ‘because it is a must have this season’, a bit’ because these items are selected by a fashion icon, it is certainly shearling. They range from white sleeveless jacket with contrasting belt leather with a strong graphic effect Altazurra, through the damask trench with sleeves and fur collar of Alice + Olivia. Black and white and colored blocks above all. Beautiful the MSGM piece of Italian Giorgetti, who is among the lucky new designers selected at  Bergdorf Goodman: I was impressed by the vest in different shades of pink. Among the accessories I suggest the match of the black gloves with fur hem by Mario Portolano with  the stole in varying shades of pink  by Charlotte Simon.

On Bergdorf you can find many furs we already did a research for you click here

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