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lady fur at kopenhagen fur Dressing for success

How to dress for success looks for businesswomen in our sector and the strong influence a smart dress can have on a potential client.

How to dress for success and give the best of yourselves? Let me tell you about my experience. A few weeks ago I went to a fur auction house, Kopenhagen Fur, for some VERY IMPORTANT business meetings. After having prepared the presentations for my various projects (weeks of work) I wondered: What will I wear to do the meetings? How to dress for success?

Calculating that at skin auctions 90% are men (few gays, maybe none), aged on average 45 and 70 years, the first tip is to cover up. You go to auction for business so the outfit must be business-oriented and very neat. Women that have to compete with men (some of them chauvinists) so choose your clothing carefully. Make the difference, give the best of yourselves.

Do not think this is a superficial or insignificant post! Don’t forget this phrase: using money to buy important clothes is not a luxury but a valid business investment that will give the best dividends.

We cannot afford to neglect our appearance either for the effect that it will have on ourselves or for that it will have on those we interact with socially, commercially or professionally.

Beautiful clothes are not waste but rather a necessity! Such affirmations are based on scientifically valid principles. (Do you know the writer Napoleon Hill? I learnt this phrase by heart reading one of his books and going through the more than ten thousand emails that keep me company when I can’t sleep: just think that I also read the ebooks directly on my cell phone).

During a fur auction house or during various business meetings dress well and you will give the best of yourselves.

The clothes that you wear have a strong influence on you and on those you interact with, so they are part of your environment.

Untidy clothes or a crinkled dress, not your size, from past seasons, can lower your level of self-confidence, and give a different image than the one you want to give, while decorous, impeccable, new, refined clothes will certainly give you a feeling of inner courage and confidence.

lady fur wearing Gucci fur shoes celine sunglasses
Lady Fur is wearing Gucci’s slippers, Celine’s sunglasses, Brooks&Brothers pants Cachemire shirt

Here is an example: in the photo, I was at the auction of Kopenhagen Fur on a day full of commitments and meetings with a thousand different people. My clothes and makeup helped me feel more beautiful, stronger, more confident in myself. I happily met a lot of people, greeted everyone I knew confidently, took heart and sold projects to businessmen that are usually intimidating. If I had worn clothes from past seasons, not my size, that didn’t do justice to my body and ruined or miss-matched shoes, I certainly would not have given 100% because I would not have felt completely at ease.

lady fur with Eric Choi
My lovely friend Eric Choi at Kopenhagen Fur Auction


In a sector like a fur where there is a clear female minority and there is some chauvinism, I advise all business women that I esteem greatly, to pay the highest attention to what they wear. Invest in clothes and make sacrifices in other areas.

The first sensory impression people’s minds conceive reaches them through sight: for a good observer, a quick glance is enough to make a mental inventory of our exterior appearance. (It seems superficial but believe me, it really isn’t) So people often form an opinion of us, be it good, bad or neutral, before we even utter a word, based exclusively on the impression our clothes, and the way we wear them to create. We, businesswomen, have to have looks that immediately communicate who we are, what we want, why we are there etc..

I am not saying that clothes and look are the most important thing, no. There are not but they help to give your best. I do not sell projects, I don’t develop my company simply for what I am wearing but above all thanks to the sacrifices and commitment, I put in but looks certainly help. Clothes help in public relations. They are important. It is one of the keys to success

The women that work in an auction that I know have a sole objective: to work hard. They buy, sell, develop business. They are super businesswomen. Cold, determined, fascinating and tremendously intelligent. I admire and esteem all women working in our sector and attending fur auctions.

Well, now I have explained why it is fundamental to dress well (dressing for success), here below is my advice and products chosen just for you.

Advice on looks how to dress for success in business in this particular case in the fur business

No miniskirts, not too much leg exposed, no particular cuts nor vertigo-inducing heels, no super skinny pants.

Cover up, for hygiene as well as for elegance. Before the strikes of the auction of sales of fur skins, there are skin inspection days. During these days you are covered in skins and your clothes are soaked with the smell of the skins.

Therefore I advise trousers, shirts, blouses, trouser suits and skirt suits.

As for shoes: for inspection days that are very tiring ( you are always on your feet ) I advise mocassins, pumps, tennis shoes, basically a comfortable look. Instead on auction days, the situation is reversed: you sit down all the time so I would opt for shoes with the highest 12cm heel (once you have sat down if no-one is looking you can always slip on a pair on foldable pumps). But heels are important because they never fail to give you that indispensable feeling of confidence

My favourites pants for business meetings are of Brooks&Brothers (the brand most used by American cool lawyers)

I hope you liked my post about how to dress for success

Love you

Your Lady Fur

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