Mano Swartz furriers’ book

lady fur reading mano swartz furries' book

Mano Swartz furriers’ book. The title of the book is: “To Fur with love, America’s oldest furrier”. A book of few pages of easy reading dedicated to its important history in the fur world.

Books dedicated to the fur world? There are few, very few, above all modern ones. I am delighted about this initiative. Bravo Richard Swart <3

In August 2015 I did a very cool project for Mano Swartz. Do you remember it? I went to Baltimore to visit his shop and we shot a video (two in fact) sharing this experience on my blog with 4 -5 posts.  Click here to see the posts. (Are cool)

fur book title to fur with love lady fur on the cover

Buy Mano Swartz’s book “To Fur with love, America’s oldest furrier”, it is very interesting if you love the fur sector. And then, more importantly for me, on the cover and inside there is me, Lady Fur. You can buy the book easily on Amazon. It costs very little, around 4-5 euros.

Click here to buy the book.

If you buy it please take a photo on Instagram and tag me @LadyFur @samanthaderev or @ManoSwartzFurs or just put the hashtag #manoswartz #tofurwithlove #ladyfur. I will happily share your photos on our Instagram.=)

Richard Swartz, the author of the book is a very special person. He has always believed in me. He has supported me and helped me to grow. In the world of work it is very difficult to create true friendships: for me he is a true friend. I am very happy about this book and even happier to be part of one of his projects. As with all his initiatives this too will be a great success.

Read Mano Swartz furriers’ book”To Fur with love, America’s oldest furrier” and let me know what you think.


Lady Fur

PS: Richard if you are reading this post THANK YOU <3 LOVE YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND TEAM <3

About my style in the photos I’m wearing: Sunglasses (super cool):  Dior   Jeans: Max Mara    Top: Vintage   Shoes: Palm Springs







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