Gucci fur slippers

lady fur wearing gucci fur slippers in Milan

The first time I saw the gucci fur slippers I thought that I would never buy them!

Gucci fur slippers? So ugly! After one week (thanks to the famous fashion power that changes your mind) I want them!

How much do they cost? So expensive!

Indeed they have an average cost compared to the top brands like Gucci.

The reality is that if you really like something you’ll buy it (the price becomes a detail). You could give up something else to have what you wish.
Gucci fur shoes‘ cost ranges between 850 and 1050 $.
Usually I don’t spend a lot of money on shoes or dresses because in most cases the dresses I wear are presents from the brands.

However, couldn’t I, Lady Fur,  have the Gucci fur slippers?

I have to buy them.

At the beginning I was in love with the gold one with the mouth, then with the black leather one with the snake. Unfortunately there was not my number so I bought the fabric pair (you can see them in the photo). This is good because they are not so hot in summer.

How is walking with Gucci shoes with fur?

Believe me, It is like wearing house slippers, in fact when I was in Copenhagen I left the hotel with the slippers I found in my room, sure to be wearing the Gucci ones. 🙂

They are so comfortable, the fur is not too hot and they are so cool: I think that I would wear them even if they were uncomfortable.

Here there is a gallery of the Gucci fur shoes of this year.

Some pairs are on sale (you should buy them if you like them because they go like hot cakes they fly off the shelves).

This pair of shoes is an evergreen, It was a must of the last winter, is of this spring summer and it is going to be a must also in the next autumn/winter.

The black leather snake pair are my favourite ever, I’m going to buy them really soon.

I hope you’ll like this post. If you click here you can see another cool post about Gucci fur slippers



Lady Fur


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