Fur Set on Polyvore

polyvore set lady fur

Fur set on Polyvore rich of fur items that Lady Fur already has or wishes to get soon.

Polyvore is the favorite fashion social network of Lady Fur. Until today our Lady Fur used Polyvore just to do research on fur luxury items such as fur coats, boots, heels, blankets, super sexy lingerie, quotes, fur furniture, many many products to buy and to collect.

Lady Fur loves to create lists of what she would love to buy, create lists of what she will wear etc… but she loves create sets / mood boards, call it as you prefer more.

From now on , Lady Fur will share her personal style with creative sets which transmit her emotions and character. Please follow Fur Set on Polyvore of Lady Fur clicking here

 Sleeping on animal fur by ladyfur featuring an enamel teapot

On Polyvore she will share many fur set, one a day and once a week we will share the best on our blog.

We hope you will enjoy Lady Fur set on Polyvore.

On Polyvore Lady Fur has just created a FUR GROUP for fans of fur like us. Please subscribe on it

We can’t wait to share the next fur set happy-wink

Lady Fur Team


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