Mink Intarsia Chevron

vladimiro gioia fur sample

Mink intarsia fur of Vladimiro Gioia the explanation of a cool fur techniques

Chevron or Spigato call it as you like, this is the mink intarsia fur of Vladimiro Gioia

I want to share with you another fur sample technique. I made a post: “How to Make an intarsia mink striped“. I recommend you read it, it could be useful.

Intarsia with mink fur (I call it spigato) Vladimiro Gioia, the creator of the fur intarsia, calls it he intarsia mink Chevron.  He is surely right

And speaking of Vladimiro Gioia, the designer had used this intarsia in his Fall Winter Collection 2014 inspired by the Renaissance.

On Vladimiro Gioia’s site you can see all fur mink intarsia.

That collection stole my heart. <3 Vladimiro Intarsiates a fur coat  for Anna Dello Russo made of 1,600 pieces, writing it in full sounds better: sixteen hundred pieces of mink and crocodile.

Below you see a photo of me with a fur coat by Vladimiro Gioia mink black and white with intarsia Chevron =) with just under 1,000 pieces.

lady fur vladimiro gioia intarsia fur mink
Lady Fur in Copenhagen wearing Vladimiro Gioia Fur Coat F/W2014

Chevron mink intarsia reminds me  of the grosgrain ribbon of Nastrificio Valera that I used to put hand by hand inside the linings of Carlo Ramello furs when I worked in his laboratory

I hope this intarsia there has been an inspiration for your collections. And speaking of inspiration I recommend watching the category FUR TECHNIQUES I created specifically to share with you all the work that I know.


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