Chik Radio Monte Carlo and Lady Fur

Chik Radio Monte Carlo 103.6 FM 97.9 FM и Fur Lady chooses to conduct a program dedicated to her life in the world of fashion in Milan.

Chik Radio Monte-Carlo is a Russian radio based in the Principality of Monaco.

Chik Radio is loved not only by Russians but also by Monegasque, French and Italian. click here to visit the web site of Chik Radio Monte Carlo.

Some months ago Chik Radio launched an application that has been downloaded by as many as 10k people.

If you followed Lady Fur on Snapchat on Friday you have seen her visit  the studies of Chik Radio Monte Carlo and the meeting with the founder Bruno.

Lady Fur will make a video and podcast once a week. Her contents will be shared on the application on the radio and on the TV channel.

Those who follow will know how much Lady Fur care about  Monte Carlo and the Russian followers, a year ago Welovefur existed in Russian. Due to lack of time and funds we decided to close Fortunately Russian followers  have not abandoned us and have begun to follow the English version .com

Monte Carlo is where Lady Fur started her career in the world of fur and is the place where she would so like to live. We are very happy about this collaboration because in one way or another we are again close to the Principality that stole Lady Fur’s heart.

But the news doesn’t end here: welovefur is going to paper!! Click here to find the news

Episode 1

Watch this nice #ChikUp by the famous blogger Lady Fur from Triennale in Milano! All #ChikUps are on Chik TV, channel 382 in Monaco

Posted by Chik Radio Monte Carlo on Sabato 17 ottobre 2015


Episode 2

Thank you, our Barbie girl, by Lady Fur for this #ChikUp from Expo Barbie 2015

Posted by Chik Radio Monte Carlo on Giovedì 29 ottobre 2015


Episode 3 Lady Fur in St Moritz click here to see all post

Episode 4

Lady Fur in Qatar in Doha to see all post about Doha click here

From 6 Episode follow Lady Fur directly on Chik Radio Monte Cralo in Chik Up section. You will find all Lady Fur experiences.



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