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Cashmere vest my selection, how to wear them and match them.

I love cashmere vest! I wear them in autumn when it isn’t really cold yet. I suffer the cold from the end of October on and then furs for me are INDISPENSABLE.

I match cachemire vest with transparent blouses, blouses with bows and little rouche o basic blouses in thick cotton. I could write a book about blouses I am a cufflink maniac : I have been collecting them for years.happy

I love having my blouses personalized with my letters SDR or with Lady Fur in different colours.

Cashmere vest Inspiration

fashion moodboard vintage cashmere

Above you will find a mood-board with the selection of cashmere vest proposed by brands for autumn winter 2015.

In the next post instead I will try to make a selection of  vintage and more sought after cachemire.

Talking of cashmere vest: I am having a cashmere vest tailor made rich with very thick plaits, the weight of a coat by my trusted jumper maker in Milan. I can’t wait to share with you the tailor made cashmere vest.

In my first collection I had some cashmere jumpers made with frost fox fur, do you remember? Clicking on the post entitled “ Helsinki Day Two” you can see the photos.

Here below instead you can find the mood boards on how I would match the cashmere vest: with leather skirt or skinny or falred trousers, blouse and fur.

Fur will never be missing in my looks: NEVER.happy-wink



tips cashmere looks

For this autumn and winter I advise matching with your look fur stoles with natural colours. Strong colours in fur like orange, fuchsia, metal blue in cachemire jumpers 100% with natural colours look cheap to me. SUPER CHEAP (DON’T)


tips cashmere looks with fur


In the last two years I have shared more than 400 photos of outfits with fur worn by me in the category FUR OUTFIT, at a certain point I created sub categories as online shops do =) naming them by type of fur: mink fur, fox fur, sable fur… Like a real online fur shop. The result? For months Google thought I was an e-commerce No good -.-

After two years of sharing only furs, I think the moment has come to tell you about my personal style. I AM NOT A FASHION VICTIM and it bores me to talk about it… I HATE Fashion Victims … I hate blogger fashion victims even more… (I hate and detest are not two words that I use often but in these days I’m in a bad mood

I will share with you what I am really passionate about and what is really part of my style like: mohair jumpers, cashmere, silk, tailor made garments, leather, hides, embriodery, wool, jewels, precious stones, gold, lingerie and much more. I am starting this new route with this post dediacted to the cashmere vest.

welovefur mood boards lady fur cachemire vintage

In Monte Carlo I fell in love with a cashmere vest with sable and hood by Carlo Ramello if you have seen my snapchat I must have done five or six shots with the cashmere vest with sable fur. Always follow me on SNAPCHAT: LadyFur

When I get back from Monte Carlo I will shoot the cashmere vest with sable with the photographer so I can share it on the blog.

About Monte Carlo have you read the NEWS?

Lady Fur and Chik Radio Monte Carlo

Welovefur Paper version from the first of Novembre

I hope that you liked this post.

Thanks all followers who are supporting me in this difficult moment. I LOVE YOU

Lady Fur first fur blogger in the world


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