What’s New Around the World of Fur?

These past few weeks of April have been quite busy in the fashion world, especially for those who are very interested in fur fashion. Many of the designers’ fall and winter collections are coming out, so more and more fur coats and other related apparel are surfacing.

Just a few days ago, Lanvin and Brandon Sun have just released their 2012-2013 winter collections. Of course, a lot of fur is involved.

Lanvin has opted for a more colorful look in their coats and jackets. There was a stunning green/emerald coat which should make one look very sophisticated and classy. There were also red and purple colored fur coats that will surely make one stand out easily. Still, the designer did not forget those who wanted to look simple and elegant, as there were also sleek and classy looking black and grey fur coats that had a retro feel to them, and seem to have been inspired by the 60s and the 80s.

Brandon Sun on the other hand, seemed to have focused on sleek and flowing designs that forego the bright colors and focused more on the classic contrasts and shades of black, white, grey and brown to create coats that are very classy and easy to wear. The new designs may look very simple compared to the other more outgoing designs from other design houses, but they still look very beautiful, and are most definitely easy to wear. The coats also highlight the svelte figures of the women wearing them, and are sure to help your beautiful figure stand out.

Many handbags were also showcased in the past week. Handbags have been the rage in women’s accessories for the past few years now, and in this year’s fall and winter collection, the focus has been on fur handbags! Many bag makers and designers have started to add more fur into their handbag designs, making these bags look amazingly unique and refreshing in this world that is saturated with leather and sporty looking handbags.

Even fur handbags for men were highlighted. Dubbed as the “murse”, these are fashionable and trendy handbags for them that are tired of using their briefcases and gym bags to bring around their stuff.

In the past week, it has also been reported that global fur sales have reached a record high. The world fur trade is now worth $15 billion dollars! That is a 7% growth from last year and is a 70% growth from about 10 years ago. Considering the current economic conditions these figures are just amazing! This just goes to show that the beauty of using fur clothes and apparel has caught up to a much larger number of people all over the world; we would be sure to see this figure increase as time goes on, and we should have more fur lovers joining us in the future.


Photo by http://fashionbombdaily.com/Brandon+Sun,furcoat,furfashionBrandon+Sun,furcoat,furfashionBrandon+Sun,furcoat,furfashion

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