For me to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love fur like me is a big problem. SO I LEFT HIM!

Has that happened to any of you?
One day, by chance, you meet a guy or a girl and you fall in love. It’s summer and, everyone knows, the beautiful weather makes us want to change. Everything goes swimmingly. You think you have finally found your perfect match but,  as time passes, when you start to share passions or hobbies, you discover that the person you got on so well with no longer understands you but above all doesn’t share your same passions!
Why me? Why did I have to go and fall for a guy who doesn’t like fur or even leather!
For me not being able to share my passion with my partner is not only bad, it’s unacceptable!
Being misunderstood and even having to feel guilty kills you.You feel like you are in the wrong.
And so? What was I to do? After two months of criticism and misunderstandings I LEFT HIM!
And I’m delighted!  WHOEVER WANTS TO BE WITH ME LADY FUR has to accept me for who I am, including my passion for leather and furs!
I’m sure you too have had problems with your  fiancés, wifes or husbands, haven’t you?
Miao Miao Lady Fur
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  • I am in total agreement. This would be a deal-breaker for me too. I would not be able to maintain the relationship if I was asked, or expected to give up something that is deeply woven into the fabric of my being.

  • I can understand you, Samantha. As Lady Fur you DID the right thing to leave the guy who don’t accept you 100 %. A trusted man for you must have the same feelings for fur or must accept it 100 per cent. Good luck, beautiful girl, Samantha! I think you will find soon a guy who loves you and your love for furs!

  • I totally agree with you Sam ! I’m quite lucky because I never had had similar problems…. my husband loves leather and furs as I do … 😉

  • Yes I did have the same problem with some friends of mine, as I wearing fur 1) as man 2) furs which are fult pelts furs….. I left them also, because fur is part of may life and personality. I do not want to change people, but I want also that they do change me…
    So break friednship or oartnership; and must must say: live betetr with furs than a girl which every day tell me how cruel fur is (probably) and on the same hand she is jealous and intrigant…..
    You made the right decision, and do not loose any comments about this guy;
    Keep on warming the heart in snuggly furs, and the time will bring new chances

  • While I agree with EVERYTHING you saiod here is… The real problem for men who love women in furs is finding a real woman that LOVES furs!!!

    I’m married (with kids) and unfortuatly no matter how hard I looked for a woman who shared my passion for furs I never found one, so I guess you could say I setteled.

    Now don’t get me wrong I do love my wife… but as for passion, well as it has been said, most men live lives of quite desperation!

  • the problem is finding someone who is willing to accept the fact that they have a passion for fur. my family have been in the fur business there whole lives so when i bought my gf a fur coat she told me she would never wear it… ive been with her so long i have fallen in love with her and cant just back out but hope she understands and gets use to the fact that i love fur… i just wish i could have someone who has the same passion

  • Hm yea i know this problem very well, i mean it’s the same thing all the time..

    For me, as a furrier, the date ends normally with: “What’s your profession?”

    I now get further, when i say : “i’m a fashion designer” but fail again if they ask me for the material…

    But nevermind, i love my job and with some time i’ll find a nice girl 😀

  • Very important subject indeed. Fortunately my wife likes furs and we share this passion. However I think that love can be so strong that it should unite people that do not not share the same passions. Breaking-up for not sharing the love of furs is a bit weird. Breaking-up when love is not strong enough to overcome this lack of common passion, is indeed the right thing to do.


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