I need a Break

Hello Fur Lovers,

Finally, I’m alone without my parents. I LOVE SO MUCH, but sometimes I need a break. Ahahah.

I’m in Monte Carlo, it is a splendid, hot and sunny day.

I am going to see a beautiful presentation of a vintage shop, yippy as I love vintage. =)

fur lovers in a shoplady fur drinking coffee

Today I want to relax and think only about my beloved blog that due to my work as a fashion fur designer as freelancer for Carlo Ramello, as well as other brands, I am not able to follow as I would really like to everyday. =)

My life is becoming quite chaotic,  I have five keys for my five different houses, as for work I must travel a bit.

I live with my pink suitcase in-hand and my small car, a Toyota Iq.

I divide my time between Milan, Turin, Andora, Sanremo, Monte Carlo, and often I have to go near Florence. =)

I don’t have free time or a social life, but I love it.

The more my blog grows, the more I’m falling in love with it.

It is like my child and in fact, I’m restyling it, and in a few weeks it will be more enriched with various interesting new things, like my YouTube channel filled with personal interviews.

Lady fur having coffeeLady fur having a break

lady fur in 2011
lady fur with friends

Ok, now I have to go to see this beautiful vintage shop, and I will then write new a post about it..

Meanwhile, here are the photos that were taken by a dear photographer friend of mine, Stefano De Lorenzi, taken during my coffee break with Martina Chiella from blog armoiredesmodes.com in Andora, near the design studio of Carlo Ramello.


Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Outfit: Moschino Cheap & Chic

Fur: Carlo Ramello

Photos: Stefano De Lorenzi



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