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Sable coat: my request for Paris Fashion Week

Sable coat! This was my answer when asked what I wanted to wear to go to the Chanel show. To watch the video I made at Chanel please take a look here 

But what kind of question is that? It’s obvious I want to wear furs for the shows, isn’t it? Sometimes people forget my name is: Lady Fur =)=)=)

The Chanel show is one of the most important of the Paris Fashion Week. For me as influencer my outfit is fundamentally important as I am judged all year based on how I dress during fashion weeks. How stressful! If I could I would go with gym shoes and a sporty tracksuit (the inside of the sweatshirt would naturally be in fur) without make up with sunglasses =).

For the most important show I chose to wear an extremely elegant and chic fur: the sable you see in the photo that is by Giorgio Magnani.

When I create looks for shows I go for looks that give off as much confidence as possible.

Furs always give me an unexplainable sense of security =)

As for this sable …

Giorgio’s sables are really famous above all in San Marino, Monte Carlo and Russia. Now also the Arab market is very interested. In the past I have shot as many as three of Giorgio’s sables.

I have always loved long furs. The longer they are, the more hair they have, the warmer they keep you and the more I like them: I find them sexy and sensual.

In particular this one I am wearing has a very feminine shape, because the shoulders remain small, the waist is just tight enough and the skirt is light and not too wide.

The fur was a great success. At the Chanel show an Arab editor, after having stared at me all through the show asked me if she could try on my fur. Obviously I let her try it on immediately: she was wearing all Chanel and the fur looked great on her.

Arab women wear furs very well, and sable goes particularly well with the colour of their skin.

The fur is from the new autumn winter 2017/18 collection from Giorgio Magnani and soon it will be published on their Instagram @giorgio_magnagni. I can’t wait to see the photos.

You know that I have a very special tie with Giorgio Magnani. In the past I have done many posts on this brand.

Here are the links with the furs worn by me, click here.

If you are looking for a good quality sable with a beautiful design and an attractive price I suggest you visit the site of Giorgio Magnani and check if there is a point of sale near you. If there isn’t I suggest you visit San Marino where Giorgio Magnani has an enormous showroom that is able to satisfy any desire.

This sable was lent to me by the brand. Giving it back was an ordeal.

Before finishing the post I just want to say one more thing about this beautiful fur: the skins come from Sojuzpushnina, the leading auction for sales of sable skins.

Sable coat some informations

The Barguzinsky skins, there are many and they are extremely brilliant, come from one of the most desired lots at the auction and obviously Magnani won the bid. The fur is completely made in Italy. It cost less or more 25k euro


Lady Fur

Photos: Stephanie Lou

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