Sometimes a bit of madness…

Have you ever experienced the sudden desire to climb on the roof or on top of a hill to scream out loud?

It happened to me.

In recent months, work-related stress was more pressing than usual .. I felt I had to do something different, something that would break the usual routine.

Suddenly it came to me: I grabbed a fox fur, knickers, high-heeled shoes and i found myself running madly up the stairs to the roof of my house in Milano.

lady_fur_fox_coat lady_in_fur_lady_fur IMG_7664 lady_fur_welovefur michelangelo_chiacchio_welovefur fox_coat_lady_fur

And there, fortunately without spectators, I began to let out a liberating scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, at the top of my lungs, and then again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh louder and louder, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You have to believe me. I immediately felt much better!

I felt a sense of freedom indescribable as if all the negative energy accumulated in recent times had suddenly disappeared. I felt light and free and happy ….

fur_lady_fox_coat fur_welovefur vladimiro-gioia_alcoolique

Sometimes even a modicum of madness can help you live better.

Miao Miao


Fur Coat: Vladimiro Gioia

Culotte: Alcoolique

Photo: Michelangelo Chiacchio

Makeup: Alice Taglietti


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