WE ARE ANIMALS… A Fur Collection with a rock soul!

My fur collection is taking shape!

The day is nearly here… By the half of October I will be finally able to show you it. Tic Tac Tic Tac… Time is going…

It is a capsule collection entirely produced in leather and fur. The theme is: WE ARE ANIMALS. There are 4 fur coats, 3 for women and one unisex plus three heats. And there’s no lack of special fur accessories, as my cat ears!

It is a fur collection designed for young people with a rock soul.

I used fox (the body, the tail and the head), mink, chinchilla, orylag, swakara, leather and studs. In every piece I have combined three different kind of skins.

The main colors are those of the skins in their natural nuances contrasted by the night black and the violet.

I would like to show you more photos but I will probably spoil the final surprise…

xoxo Miao Miao Lady Fur


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