Top Neiman Marcus furs for this Fall-Winter

top furs on neiman marcus by lady fur

Lady Furs favorite on Neiman Marcus

Cold season is starting, isn’t that great?

You know why Autumn-Winter seasons are so loved? because this means cold and cold means, cozy nights, warm blankets, hot chocolate and FURS!!!!! In Milano it is 11 degrees and raining, but even if it is not so cold It is perfect to wear your favorite fur items.

Talking about fur items we have made a special selection for you about all of the fur items, they are on one of our favorite american luxury department stores: Neiman Marcus.

Edna Woolman Chase, editor of Vogue (1936), quoted in Commentary 1957:

‘I dreamed all my life of the perfect store for women. Then I saw Neiman Marcus, and my dream came true’.

In case you didn’t know this luxury department store was founded in 1907 and was decorated in a lavish way.

So what a better way to comunicate luxury than with fur. In our selection you will find many different items from fur coats, to fur vests, to fur accessories and so on.

Some brands that are in our choices are Gucci who has been adding fur to their latest collections and look spectacular. Fendi, who doesn’t love those little fendi monsters, they are the cutest. MiuMiu who has been creating shoes with a block heel covered in fur (this is a mustttt this season, details, details and more details). Valentino who also has incorporated beautiful fur details in their romantic garments and Tom Ford who always underlines the word sexy and what a better way to do so than using fur.

These are some of the renown brands you can find in this online luxury department stope.

This selection has been made especially for you, so we would love to hear if you have liked it. There are some really beautiful coats and shoes. So with no further delay I leave you with our selection:

Fur coats:

Fur vests:

Fur accessories:


  • Yes, it’s finally getting colder after a long and hot summer. Got all my furs out of storage and back home. Happy to have and use the fur blankets again. If you ever get a chance, pay a visit to Lars Paustian in Germany. They make some incredible fur blankets.

    I remember a post you made a while ago about fur lined parkas. They are starting to show up on web sites here in the U.S.

  • Wow.. nice post. Winter is coming, Fur accessories stay warm and still look stylish. So I prepared with fox fur hats, fur scarves, fur collars and shawls for this winter. These are I ordered from an online store “Amifur”. I hope in this upcoming winter these fur accessories will help me.

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