A leather bag is forever

A leather bag is forever. No: that’s not a fake phrase, but the simple truth. Women – but also men, for a few years – are cyclicly fascinated by this skin plots, allowed to take with us all the necessary for going around for that chaotic jungle called city. In fact, bags have got very ancient origins, while their employment is matured with the process of time

Since Middle Ages, indeed, people used to use little leather bags, often tied on the waist, as money holder. The employment of this little things was the same, more or less, since the beginning of the Twentieth Century, in wich the bag – in italian this term was born exclusively for indicate a male accessory – became an item for all of us. From the 1950, fashion designers, which figure was about to take form of itself, created many different kind of bags, like bauletti, pochette and baguette, many of them dedicated to the most famous celebrities of every time: Lady Dior, Jackie O’ and Birkin are just a few important examples nominated in the history of fashion.

However, leather bag, arrived to us in all of its beauty, has become an important fashion icon, made a real must-have for all thoose women who knew the importance of the appeal. We can say that we can know everything about a woman just looking in her bag, but also the bag is an important source of information about that.

The manufacturing of skin is an art handed down a generation to another generation, because we know that skin is the first material that men learned to work, and that process is made by some other delicate and complicate processes that only expert hands can do. Indeed, to make leather more precious and more resistent, from the wearing effect of time, they work skins with specific products and techniques, doing the tanning. It’s important to emphasize that scratches and porosity are not real imperfections, but a guarantee of the originality of the used products, excellently worked and high-class.

Artisans, further, used to affix on their own creations specific symbolisms of the main maison for which they work: famous is the case of the Monogram, the textile full of “LV” of Louis Vuitton, wich guarantee the success of the brand.

Another unforgettable and important thing is the structure of the handle of any bags, often created with the same material of the accessory, inlaid with decorations and embellished with a lot of visual expedients.

The inside material of a bag, indeed, change between different kind: we can find leather ones, or canvas ones, or silk ones again. Many brands allow their customers to personalized this part of the bag, to make it nearer the buyer (the inside of a bag allow us to understand many different things about the owner, remember?).

Talking about brands, there are many of them specialized in leather store, which bags become the icon of different generations of style and elegance: again Louis Vuitton, but alsoTod’s, Prada andGucci are some of the greatest examples leading the world of leather stores.


Thanks Antonio Pasolini

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