Four days ago, exactly 17 April 2012, in Milan,  I met  Vladimiro Gioia. It was so exciting talking with him I didn’t want to leave. In a few hours he told  me his story that can best be defined as a fairy tale in FUR..

At only 17, his passion lead him to work day and night in his parents’ fur laboratory and at 19 he started his adventure with Valentino, launch pad for other collaborations with super famous brands.

In 2010, he presented the Vladimiro Gioia collection that isselected by Dolce and Gabbana and put on sale in Milan, in Spiga2, Luxury Multibrand of  famous stylists. He was soon noticed by Anna Dello Russo who chose to wear some of his graments at NY fashion week. Then the boom: his creations are sold in many exclusive shops and sought after and worn by many stars of the cinema amongst others…

This is the brief summary of his successes:  all you have to do now is read the interview and admire the photos of his beautiful collection.

One last note: Vladimiro’s fur coat are ultra light, the leather is of excellent quality not to mention the finishings..The crocodile and the python are so soft that it is nearly impossible to not want to wear them..

LF : Tell me about you 

VG : I born in Italy , I grew up in my family factory: a reality of leather and fur that fascinated me right away. In fact , as soon as I had the opportunity, I started to collaborate with a lot of designer labels !

Thanks to these experiences, I learned as much as possible along with my creativity . The creativity inspires me personally when I carry out a sample : image it, draw it and then bring it to life.

I spend my days between Fashion, Fashion, and more fashion!

LF: Tell me about your career in the fashion world 

VG : After collaborating with different brands , I returned to the family factory, bringing my style  and my way of interpreting fashion : I have created a small collection furs and I decided to present in the world of fashion with a lot of hope and a little fear : I was only 19 years old when I began to collaborate with Valentino .

After , I started a lot of collaborations : Dior , Burberry, John Galliano , Bally, DSquared, Iceberg, Ferrè …. they are only some of the companies I have had the chance to work with.

In 2010, I started working on my brand and the same year I put out my first collection, VLADIMIRO GIOIA.

I was selected by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for Spiga2 project, a multi brand store focused on emerging fashion designers.It was a marvelous  and exciting news , my stepping stone.

LF : What is your favorites fur skins and why?

VG : I love fur . I select the materials based on the inspiration of the collection , the mood , and the drawings that I have made, and the motion that I want to evoked in people . I like swakara because it manages to bestow a clean silhouette while maintaining an incredible luxury or fox with their playful colors , the luxury without compromise of the sable and chinchilla; but I especially like to inlay and mix fur together .

I’m inspired by Renaissance , because it was a revival from a dark period thanks to the revolution of the lifestyle trough the rediscovered of ancient models . In the same way i want revolutionize the world of fur theta must be lived on daily basis : the use of nonconventional foxes and mink that blend a contrast with python and crocodile , giving ,life to a burst of color, shades of bold green, turquoise, blue red and brown. And also crocodile mixed with blenden fox to create the back of a sort of armor : Joan of Arc is the woman that I wanted evoke for the Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection.

LF : Who is your muse? If you have one?

VG : I love Anna Dello Russo !

Creativity + Enthusiasm + Courage = Fashion

Fashion = Anna Dello Russo

LF: What do you think about the  fur industry?

VG : The fur industry is a resource that employs from 45,000 to 265,000 people in companies in Europe alone. The companies and the factories follow all the regulations and don’t change the natural balance as do false imitations often made with derived chemicals.

Unfortunately , the protest against the fur industry still exists and is often caused by incorrect information , but it would be too long speak about.

LF : What are your goals?

VG : To become a “name” in the world of fashion .

I would like also to create a great space where my stuff could work in harmony : a sort of loft without walls in order to improve  the collaboration , the creativity… where people could let their mind travel through style and trends .

LF : I saw on your web site that Anna Dello Russo wears your fur coat, Tell me about your meeting .

VG : It was fantastic ! Anna saw my collections in Spiga 2 and immediately fell in love . She desired to meet me . I’ll let you image my excitement. Anna is great and my first meeting with her was a fantastic and simple at the same time .

LF : Where can we buy your collections ?

VG : Spiga2 Milan, Luisa Via Roma in Florence , Cascella in Porto Cervo , Boutique N°15  in Paris, Mad Alchi in Japan , Marylin in Naples Florida, Fischer in Vienna and Gold in Moscow . Also , a strong collaboration is being formed in Forte die Marmi , but for now it is all top secret!

LF : What do you do in your free time?

VG : My days are almost entirely occupied by my job and I dedicate the little time that remains to Art : visiting museums , exhibitions , monuments …. I love all forms of art : Painting sculptures , architecture.

Last time I was particularly entranced by Luciano Ventrone . I wonder how a man can be able to achieve such perfection . For me he is the greatest artist of the century.

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If you want watch the video interview Vladimiro Gioia click here 
With Love Lady Fur


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