Carlo Ramello Interview

Ciao Carlo

Ciao Samantha

I’m happy to interview you! Finally Today.
We have been working for years together and we have never done an
interview .

Well ! Let’s start

Carlo Ramello is your real name?

No Ramello is the name of my mother . My company started about fory
years ago.
After having changed many cities Turin, Sanremo, Andora and also
name we opted for Carlo Ramello.

I won’t ask you to tell us the story of your furrier that by now has become
a real fashion house because it is known also by my followers , for who
doesn’t know it, click here you will find it in five languages . Yes because
you have international customers .

Yes are perfectly right , My clients are principally French, Russian,
Arabic . Italian fewer and fewer unfortunately .

What has changed in the last years ?

I started this work as a cutter , and then as a fashion designer and after
as entrepreneur. Today I feel more entrepreneur than fashion designer .

In the past it was sufficient to have a shop with a quality product and to
invest in advertising . Everything haschanged .

Carlo Ramello fashion houses have had to take an interest in the whole
internet world , in fashion shows, in new types of communications and
also catalogues and photographic services ; Everything moves and
changes faster . Today we can consider ourselves a real Fashion
House because we produce three different lines in Italy completely
made by hand with the best quality of fur skins .

I believe in young people : I listen to them and collaborate with many
of them …. and about this I would congratulate you because you are a
good fashion designer and blogger . =)

Thanks =) In your shops you will sell also clothes why did you decide to
insert them ?

I have always been passionate about fabric , shoes and clothes and

given that the fur season lasts only six months I thought of inserting also
clothes .

You are famous for your private fashion shows in the most beautiful
hotels from Saint Tropez , Moscow, Milan , Turin, Monte Carlo . What
was your favorite fashion show?

Certainly the last, in Monte Carlo at Hotel de Paris . As always , at the
end I cried .

What is the news about Carlo Ramello fashion house?

I have also just started a new collaboration with you welovefur about the
new Carlo Ramello blog and ecommerce . I have always loved photo
editorials about fur and for this reason I decided to manage a blog with a
fur photo collection.

In a few days we will launch also the e-commerce on a new platform.

The fur collection will bericher and more elegant but I don’t want to
speak about this because it‘s top secret .

Besides work what do you do during the day ?

 I try to stay as much time astime possible with my family and play tennis
and follow Milan ( Italian football )

Reveal the secret to have a quite life without stress.

I’m a lucky man because I met the woman of my life Paola , she is my
right arm . We are like a unique person we take the helm of the boat in
two and we proceed .

They say that when there is love in life there is everything.

Thanks for yourtime . Ciao Carlo see you in July.

Ciao Samantha thanks

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