Interview Helen Yarmak

Dear luxury and fur lovers you certainly all know Helen Yarmak or better QUEEN HELEN YARMAK.

I had the opportunity to interview her via e-mail and her answers gave me the same emotions I feel when I see her precious furs at a show. 

For those of you who don’t know her, as well a sreading the interview you can click her to learn her story.

Interview with Helen Yarmak 

Moscow – April 10, 2012

L F :     How do you define yourself?

H Y :  Crazy, passionate, ironic, driven, wear my heart on my sleeve, determined, grateful to God.

L F : Tell me about your passion for fur and fashion. When did it start?

H Y : For fashion, from the day I was born and it keeps on growing every day.

For fur, on the other hand, my passion began from the day I could afford my first fur coat. In Russia, fur was always a necessity due to such rigid temperatures, but for me back then it was untouchable and thus became the focus of my dreams.

L F :Tell me about your latest collection (colors, inspirations, mood)

H Y : Inspired by life, by making people happy. Fur is like an amulet it gives energy, sensitivity and also protects you. A few years back when I was in India, I had an appointment with a famous energy doctor; his prescription to me was to always have a piece of fur with me and to touch it as often as possible. Once he found out that I was a mathematician who turned into a fashion designer and has fur collections, he told me it was a God-sent destiny for me. A guardian angel, if you will.

Our main line is focused on natural colors. Every year, however, we make a fur collection with color for fun. These fur collections are inspired by the colors of the stones in our jewelry collection such as Sapphires in shades of blue, pink and orange, in Paraiba, Beryl, Aquamarine, Rubies, Emeralds and Pearls which provide a great palate of color variations.

L F :Are you interested in selling your collections in China?

H Y : Sure, big plans. I love China and Asia. We have recently opened a store in Korea. Chinese appreciate luxury, they like our furs and jewelry very much. In our collection of jewelry we use big gems, which you can see with the naked eye. Every stone has a strong energy about it.

L F :What are your goals?

H Y : Continue to be happy with what I do.

L F :What has changed in the last 10 years in the fur fashion market?

H Y :Hard to answer. Some of our collectors, for example, have around 50 different Sables of ours with an overall collection of over 200 of our items. I see them wearing the first Sables that they ever bought from us, as well as the latest.

For example, if you think of diamonds and wonder: will they always stay in fashion? The answer is simple; they will always be in fashion for those who can afford them.

Sable fur is a treasure. Historically, Sable fur could only be worn by the Tsars and their family, as its worth could exceed the cost of an estate, with the help included! In London in the year 1928, a single Barguzin Sable fur was sold for 8 kg. of gold.

These days we have new technologies that are advancing yearly. They provide us with great new opportunities.

L F : What do you do in your free time?

H Y :Enjoy life.

L F : Do you have interest in the internet world?

H Y : Of course, it is so fast growing; it manages the world these days. It makes the world spin faster. Our brand always tries to keep up with the speed of the development on the internet. We are present on Facebook, soon to be on twitter and we have our own website. Our website is actually going through major changes and updates right now. We want to make it more interactive as well as easy for our customers. It will be new, hopefully interesting and will always be up to date, with our latest news and event.


Jennifer Lopez in Helen Yarmak fur coat

Rihanna in Helen Yrmak fox coat

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Jennifer Lopez in Helen Yarmak fox withe coatCelebrity Sightings In New York City


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