L’ED Emotion Design: the bag that lights up and recharges cell phones

l'ed emotion design bag

Don’t know what to give for Christmas? Want to surprise your fiancée? There are many solutions, here are two: a beautiful fur or L’ED Emotion Design the bag that lights up and charges cell phones.

There is also a version in Finn racoon fur.

L’ED Emotion Design, a brand of extremely functional bags where you can not only find everything thanks to the internal lighting with led, but it also allows you to recharge cell phones, tablets or digital cameras through a USB cable.

Fashion Mag interviewed Sara Giunti the creative mind that, in 2010, had the idea of marrying fashion and technology, to meet the needs of 21st century consumers.

l'ed emotion design bag

«The embrionic phase of LED was a study started for my thesis at IED, European Design Institute, when I created an outerwear collection with luminous led spots”, Sara Giunti told Fashion Mag. “Shortly after, one evening when I couldn’t find my cell phone in my bag, my boyfriend asked me why instead of putting led on clothes I didn’t put them in bags, to light them. The project started from there and after a year I managed to patent my first prototype”.

Thanks to her intuition, 28 novembre 2013 Sara was awarded the “Entrepreneurial Values Ambassador Prize” as part of the Ardesis Festival European Enterprise Day, with the patronage of the European Commission and Presidency of the Council of Italian Ministers.

l'ed emotion design bag

The AW 14/15 collection comprises 4 different lines: ‘Pomme’, that includes the evolution of the iconic “Light”, ‘Persefone’, in smooth calf matched with pearly coconut print, further decorated with a tattoo featuring one of the symbols of Japanese aesthetics the peach flower. ‘Minimal’, that is the most dynamic expression of L’ED Emotion Design, with models with decisive lines, enhanced by use of tactile skins, precious variants and vibrant colourings like in the bowler bag “Tai”, in tumbled calfskin or in an original fur Finn racoon fur, and in the clutch “Eri” in burgundy toned leather. Contemporary feminility, instead is the style of ‘Pandora’ line, that declares itself, as well as in the already appreciated “Sunset” clutch, in the new “Demetra”, in calfskin with nappa finish and worked with a particular weave inspired by the Far East, and “Micaela”, created in soft horse with luminescent Galuchat insert.

To complete the collection is the most evening addition, the “Midnight” clutch, in laminate and metalized leather.

l'ed emotion design bag

The L’ED Emotion Design bag is irreplaceable. From August to date I haven’t changed it. I already spoke to you about the bag that lights up in a post in August. Here I will answer some questions you have asked me.

Does the bag’s battery run out? Yes it doesn’t have a neverending battery =) It does run out, but you just have to plug it in. I, for example, plug it in once a month before I go to bed and in the morning it’s ready.

  • How does the light work? When does it come on?

The light in the bag comes on automatically when the bag is opened, but you can also turn it off if you don’t need it.

saga_furs15_460sEvery time I open the bag in the supermarket to pay it’s a show: from the cashier to those that are around me everyone asks me the same question: but is there a light in the bag? The same when I go to a restaurant or go shopping.

  • How much does the L’ED Emotion Design bag cost?

The price for the public goes from 700 to 1250 euros depending on the model.

  • Where is the bag L’ED Emotion Design made? In Italy?

Yes. The bags are 100% Made in Italy, also the electronic part, to be able to check the quality better, and they are made in Varese.


Instead these are the L’ED Emotion bags with fur. Aren’t they fabulous? I hope I get one for Christmas

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