Kopenhagen Fur and Shangtex : strategic partnership

Kopenhagen Fur, the most important auction in the world and  Shangtex, Chinese leader in textile production, have started a strategic partnership.

On 15 April 2015 in the VIP lounge of the building where the thirteenth edition of  Shanghai Fashion Week was held, the two  leaders of the global fur and fashion industry Kopenhagen Fur and Shangtex signed a contract that will see them collaborate for the next years on the development of Shanghai.

What is it about?

Kopenhagen Fur and Shangtex will work together to make  Shanghai Fashion Week INTERNATIONAL.

The main objectives are

– to give visibilty to Chinese brands: To therefore improve the communication.

– to show  many international brands at the next Shanghai Fashion Week

– to make Shanghai become the logistic centre for importing furs

– to update Chinese brands about new fur and fashion trends through the design center of Kopenhagen Fur and Shangtex for the textile trends

– to train designers coming from Chinese schools

Why a strategic alliance?

Shangtex is one of the most important players in China. It already has a significant role in the sector, with operations in the textiles, commerce and logistics  fields, while Kopenhagen Fur the most important Auction House in the world with its Design Center from where the new techniques of working furs, colours and trends, inspires and shapes many many fashion brands and creates  connection on a global level. Together they can create the above mentioned objcetives and transform Shanghai Fashion Week into one of the world’s most important fashion capitals. They launched this great partnership with the show of an international  street-wear brand : Astrid Andersen.

This was the BIG news that i wanted to give you from the first day of my experience in Shanghai with Kopenhagen Fur. Read her days 1, 2 and  3.

I took part in the conference, in the party that followed and naturally I saw all the shows including that of  Astrid and I also had the pleasure of meeting her.

We will soon publish the video on the blog dedicated to Kopenahgen Fur and to Astrid and one on Elle.it dedicated to the whole Shanghai Fashion Week.

It doesn’t seem real that I am part of this project =)

Even if on my blog Kopenhagen Fur does not need to be introduced, I will make an introduction now for those who are metting them for the first time and I wuill also introduce Shangtex.

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Kopenhagen Fur Auction


Kopenhagen Fur is the largest fur auction in the world.

The company is owned by Danish fur farmers and is one of the world’s best functioning cooperatives, which has ensured the the quality ok Kopenhagen Fur’s skins remain amongst the finest in the world. Being a traditional and strong agricultural European country, Denmark’s mink farming fully abides by Danish and European Union’s rules and regulations, ensuring the implementation of leading global standard on animal welfare.

Statistics from Kopenhagen Fur Auction house for Danish skins

– it was founded 85 years ago

– it sells about 25 million furs every year.Watch the video about this

– It incides on the global market by 60%

-its annual turnover is 8 billion (DKK) 2014

As already said Kopenhagen Fur is not just a fur auction, but also a great Design Center that deals with the complete development of new trends, new workings wirth skin and training new designers, collaborating with schools all over the world. Look at the Imagine Talents projects clicking here and the posts dediated to Kick clicking here.



Shangtex is one of the most important textiles production companies in China

– 14 000 employees

– 25.30 billion: Total asset

– 191 affiliated ompanies

– 2 companies quoted on Shenda and Dragon

– 7 billion Revenue

Number 275 of “China Fortune 500”

Number 50 of the Top 100 Textile and Apparel Enterprises of China

Number 49 of the 500 top Import & Exports from China

Number 2 Textile and Export from China



I’m wearing

DRESS: Lola Swing

SANDALS: Le Capresi

HAT: Federica Moretti

BAG : Giancarlo Petriglia

PH: Umberto Gorra

Don’t miss the street style of the Shanghai fashion week on elle.it

Here are days 1, 2, 3

shanghai_fashionweek_2015-2440 shanghai_fashionweek_2015-2234 shanghai_fashionweek_2015-2446shanghai_fashionweek_2015-2472shanghai_fashionweek_2015-2447 shanghai_fashionweek_2015-2468


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