Barbie exhibition in Milan

barbie event milano

Barbie exhibition in Milan: where it is, when to go, what to see.

The Barbie exhibition The Icon OpenSSL today in Milan at The Mudec Museum in Via Tortona.

Yesterday We were at The launch evening of The Barbie exhibition in Milan, where The icon of one, two, three generations was presented in a pink frame.

450 Barbies presented in The Barbie The Icon exhibition in Milan, symbol of The modern woman, Independent, that has done 140 different jobs, Who likes young men and love shopping wearing designer clothes. Like us =)

The Barbie exhibition in Milan has been a success.

Many, many people, overall women, saw their beloved Barbie, with her clothes, her pink Shoes, strictly with heels, her hair always in order.

Lady Fur shot a video for Chik Radio Monte Carlo, The Russian radio based in The Principality of Monaco.

Watch here Lady Fur’s video Lady Fur in The world of Barbie The Icon on The Russians’ favorite radio: Chik Radio

Thank you, our Barbie girl, by Lady Fur for this #ChikUp from Expo Barbie 2015

Posted by Chik Radio Monte Carlo on Giovedì 29 ottobre 2015


The Barbie exhibition in Milan, which stylists designed Barbie’S dresses?

Barbie The Icon has been dresses by many world famous stylists, for example Fendi, Versace, Prada, Vivien Westwood, Dior Who created a refined 40’s woman..

barbie-karl- barbie-dior barbie-fendi

Fur fans, I know you are asking it yourselves, does Barbie wear Fur?

Even before entering The Barbie exhibition in Milan We were already wondering.

The Barbie in exhibition in Milan gave us The answer immediately: certainty it is. Barbie The Icon wearing Fur. Barbie The Icon LOVES Fur.

She wears it in Winter but also in The autumn Months and loves collars, cuffs, stoles, fur hems.

barbie-milano 4 barbie-milano-2 barbie-17


At The Barbie exhibition in Milan We discovered Barbie’s house, her bed, her wardrobe, her campervan, her catamaran and We enjoyed remembering what We had or wanted when We were small.

Barbie has a very busy Life, but which jobs has Barbie done?

In her Life – 56 years to be precise – Barbie The Icon has had many professions: Barbie hostess of American Airlines, Barbie doctor, Barbie gymnastics teacher, Barbie also we o The moon. In addition naturally to having been UNICEF ambassador and Barbie parachutist, because, as her motto goes, “I can be”.

Barbie The Icon is also an u nostoppable traveller, Russia, Japan, Hawaii, in The Barbie exhibition in Milan there are Barbies from all over The world, with The clothes and somatic traits of every nation. A note…We Italians re much more fashionable than The Italian Barbie!

Is that all? No, Barbie The Icon is a star.

Or rather She plays Stars. Which Stars have been played by Barbie?

The Barbie exhibition in Milan presents to us a seducing Barbie Marilyn Monroe, a refined Barbie Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a camaleon like Barbie Cher and a modern Barbie Jennifer Lopez. But also queens, like Barbie Elisabeth I and The la magnetic Barbie Cleopatra.

And heroins Barbie Batman, Barbie Wonderwoman.

I know now that you’re wondering all … What is the secret of Barbie The Icon?

The secret of its perfection, The Icon Barbie tells us at the beginning of the exhibition in Milan Barbie: BARBIE HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED.

Girls, take notes!


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