Fur sector how is the scenario?

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The fur sector scene in breaking into a thousand peices and it is taking on new definitions.

New and historical fur brands, intent on promoting their collections of fur and leather but above all to take great orders: SELL.

Which fur and leather fair to take part in?

How many fairs are there? Which fair to invest in? I would also add: how and how much to invest?surprised

Is it a good idea to participate in a specific sector fair, for example fur and laether fairs or is it better to start taking part in fashion fairs, in the big fashion capitals like Paris, New York, Milan, London…?

Who are our clients? Who were they? Where did they go? How can we get the new target?

In this moment of crisis, China, the biggest fur producer and consumer in the world is facing a BLACK period, Russia is recovering at Italian rhythyms but it is anyway in crisis, Greece is on the verge of leaving Europe, Dubai: DON’T BE DECEIVED, dear furriers, Dubai works in a particular way it’s not for everyone. So where do you go? In which country? America is recovering. And if Americans buy, THEY BUY. They have the malls, the department stores but the product they want is VERY COMMERCIAL. Is yours suitable?

What to do?

Total confusion.

On November 3 there will be the fair dedicated to fur and leather in Istanbul. Will you go? We will but we have different plans to yours.

If you want an answer to all the questions listed above, you want to have a clearer scenario, have some advice, well don’t miss the launch of a new section dedicated to the FUR FASHION ECONOMY.

As well as telling you my personal vision of the sector you will read interviews with fashion and fur sector players, such as directors of the chambers of buyers, interviews with designers, case histories, market research and much, much more.

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