How to look sexy in fur

To look sexy in fur, the easiest way is to wear the fur coat without nothing: go naked with just your fur coat.

I’m joking (who knows me really well knows that I’m not joking) hoverer I will do my best to write this post seriously keeping  inside myself my fetish fashion instinct.

How to look sexy in fur? It’s the easiest thing to do.

Fur makes you sexy it’s like wearing lingerie, if you wear lingerie how do you feel? You feel sexy, don’t you? The same happens when you find the right fur that can make you feel you super sexy boom.

Of course you must find the right fur coat to wear.


In the photos that you see here (I found them in a folder on my mac called “sexy in fur” where I collect all my sexy photos). Yes guys I have admit that I love, adore, and more, look sexy in fur. Why? I spend most of my time managing my startup company, I feel like a man, I must be cold with everyone, I wear business clothes  every day (not sexy), I have to make difficult decisions every day, I live super stressed and I’m totally alone. So, when I can, like the night I was in Copenhagen, that night I went out to celebrate a big project. I want to feel sexy,I want to put out the feminine part of myself. I want to  feel like a woman. Business women BELIEVE ME find the right way to feel a sexy woman in fur or without, help your self esteem that sometimes we lose easily. Now I close the parenthesis about myself.

However let’s talk about How to look sexy in fur!

First of all if you wear a fur coat with long nap like fox coat, finraccooon coat like the one that I have in the photos I advise you to wear heels. Heels are fundamental.

Why do I look sexy in fur in the photos?

I look sexy in fur in the photos because I play with volumes.

natures collection fur lady fur sexy

I value my body with heels that make me more taller and skinnier, with a super tight skirt from Alcoolique shining and trasparent skirt , and I wear really soft  fur coats that make the lower part of my body  smaller.

If you put volume in the top part wearing a fur coat and in the lower part you wear something tight you will appear smaller and sexy.

But to look sexy in fur I think that the real secret is the contrast between fur and your skins.

sexy fur coat lady fur in copenhagen

Trasparencies, open shoes open which value your feet are really useful if you want to feel super sexy in fur.

For all people who asked me if in the photos I’m wearing lingerie: NO i’m not.

I hope my advice about How to look sexy in fur was useful for you, soon I will share a moodboard like the one dedicated to hunters style about BEING SEXY IN FUR.

Stay tuned and be sexy in fur =)

Your Lady Fur

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