Embroidery on fur

Like every week I dedicate part of my Sunday to writing you about new techniques of fur skins. Today is the turn of embroidery on fur.

Not many of you do a Google search on “processing fur skin” and even less about the “embroidery on fur” because researchers may be possible in theory either a designers or just a fan interested in all the work that you can do with furs. The statistics of how many can be really interested? On my blog it is 60% but on the web just over 1% =). What is certain is that I am the first to write about this fur technique:  embroidery on fur.

Embroidery on fur, this is a fur technique that will be insert in a future category “Luxury Fur Techniques”, because to make it takes many infinite working hours, it is entirely handmade, and it is a task of high precision and sensitivity.

I took the picture of this work: embroidery on fur in New York, at the design center that produces furs for Oscar de la Renta.

In fact the picture of embroidery on fur is simply an enlargement of the Oscar de la Renta I’m wearing in the picture.

oscar de la renta fur coat

The type of embroideryon fur  is done on fur with a very durable thread by hand.

The embroidery technique is very old, dating back to the times of the Egyptians and was later developed in China and eventually developed worldwide.

Embroidery on fur is not only a technique but it is a real art.

I do not even want to imagine the price of this fully embroidered on fur.

The feeling when I wore it? Lightweight, elegant. I felt very rich and unique.

To do embroidery on fur as well as a lot of patience it takes hours and hours of work.

fur coat ebroied oscar de la renta fur techniques

Why is it difficult to do embroidery on fur?

Embroidering on fur is difficult because the hair even if  shaved fur ends up on the needle or thread. Getting precise work is really difficult.

Embroidering on leather however is much easier. We will discuss Processing techniques of leather such as crocodile, python and eel in the next week.Promise

I do not remember who was the first to embroied on fur but I remember that Valentine, about ten years ago, made of shaved mink bolero embroidered by hand. Unfortunately I can not find pictures of the collection with embroidered fur . But I found a fur embroidered Valentino for sale on Ebay  the auction is at $ 770.

If you have pictures of fur embroidered Valentino send me them I will publish them adding to this post.happy

Soon I will post again with a mood board with all furs embroidered in 20 years =)

Do not miss all the posts made every Sunday dedicated to working such as fur intarsia and many more. Click here to see pictures of the fur techniques.

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