Chevron fox fur technique by Christian Dior in 1980

Chevron technique in fox fur by Christian Dior in 1980: it’s particularity

Today I will tell you about a technique that was well loved in the 80s: the Chevron technique done in the eighties by Christian Dior.

For the past four Sundays I have published posts dedicated to fur techniques. They are one of my real passions. When visiting the archives of Kopenhagen Fur or Saga Furs I spend hours looking at fur technique samples that were used by the great designers, Christian Dior is definitely my favourite stylist. The fourties Christian Dior woman is,  in my opinion, the most feminine of all.

But let’s get back to fox fur techniques.

What is the Chevron fox fur technique? How do you work with fox fur skin? Which are the best techniques? What are the new and vintage techniques?

Following this category of my blog: “fur techniques” you will find everything I know and discover as I grow in this wonderful sector.

I didn’t dig out Chevron from the fur fair archives but rather on internet and to my eyes it is nothing new but I wanted to tell you about it anyway.

I found it in a really cool site about luxury products.

This technique is of a Christian Dior fur from 80s. On the site there is a big mistake, there is written: crystal and natural black patchwork fox.


It’s not true. It’s not patchwork. The particularity of this CHEVRON technique for fox fur typical of the eighties is that it was done with real fur.  Let me explain: they move vertically 4 centimetres to create a colour change on the chevron itself. It is not a patchwork!

Patchwork is done with cuts of fur. Patchwork is a CHEAP technique. Christian Dior would not like patchwork. Vittorio Sgarbi ex Italian politician among the most expert art critic would say: OOXXX to whoever made the description in the site, I thought of Sgarbi because fur is art.

You can find the vintage Dior fur with the Chevron technique in size 40 on sale on the site.

I don’t like the fur technique I have just described at all=) Even if long, bulky, long haired vintage fur just like in the seventies and eighties has come back in fashion, this hasn’t. I don’t like it a bit. (Sorry Dior)

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