Montecarlo, an open mind Principality


Hello my fur friends,

During the weekend I went to Monaco to relax a little bit with my friends.

I wore a pink dress with fox collar going to a dinner. I thought I would be criticized but I enjoyed widespread appreciation both from my friends and the ladies of the tables next to me for the idea of wearing a fox fur collar in spring.

The fox collar I’m talking about is pastel, looks fresh and, combined with the opaque pink dress, it makes brighter the color.

Considering the 25 degree weather, if I had worn the fox collar in Turin, surely I would have been criticized and, perhaps, even threatened, but fortunately in Monte Carlo women and girls are very stylish and chic, but especially they are open minded. That’s why I received approval and compliments.

If I could I would come back to live in Monaco, where the sun always shines and positivity and happiness prevail. On the road none shout, none honks, there is no criminality and respect for the human being predominates. The women retire at 45 years old, healthcare is available to everyone. Any kind of visit, both private and hospital, costs more or less € 30 and, in case of termination, Monaco helps you looking for a job with a similar salary and sustains you till the re-integration in the world of work. And … I could write more and more but I think I should leave it at that.



In a few days I will leave for a city called Kastoria, barely reachable in low season. I’ll have to take a plane, a bus and even another one probably. I also booked a hotel far away from the fair … it seems that travel organization is my achilles’ heel… =)

The problem is that on the 13th May, I will have to undergo surgery. Can not say I feel very well in these days, I’m very weak and scared of being hurt in Kastoria and not being able to reach an hospital promptly …. How stressful.

Better if I don’t think about it.

The reality is that I love going to skin and fur fair in part because there is always something new to learn and, at the same time, attending this environment I get in touch with lot of people and I get a heap of ideas.

In Kastoria during the fair I will do a video report of my experience in those places…. I cannot wait and I really hope to feel better than I am now…


Photo: Alessandra Soldo

Dress and Shoes: Moschino

Neck Volpe: Carlo Ramello

Sunglasses: Italy Independent


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