Hacked again – nightmare

This was the post that disturbed an anti-fur hacker. 

In the photos I am happy, carefree. And fortunately I was in the mountains with my boyfriend, a romantic weekend in the snow. 

But an apparently heavenly weekend turned into a nightmare. 

Just a few hours after having posted these photos on my Instagram 

An anti-fur hacker got into my account 

He deleted loads of photos (from September to today)

fortunately deleting photos (all at once) is not something that Instagram appreciates

this action made Instagram disabled my Instagram account 

and that made things a lot worse.

I couldn’t get into my instagram.

I couldn’t see it. 

I couldn’t show how my Instagram account was 

because the hacker had changed the sign-in address and password. 

Anyone clicking on the link to my Instagram found a page that read: USER NOT FOUND

it was a very difficult moment 

I was afraid I had lost everything
170 THOUSAND Followers, my 2000 posts – 3 year’s work. 
After seven days 

seven long  days 

with the help of the police, a lawyer and friends I managed to get my account back. 

I received death threats, negative comments and violent messages. 

My blog welovefur was also hacked. 

It was offline for two days. 

We spent sleepless nights. 

When I finally got my Ig account back I did a post writing I’M BACK.

Many of you wrote very sweet comments to welcome me back

but many of you keep on asking me why I don’t develop the Ig account of Lady Fur.

Well, what happened is sadly the answer. 

Must I risk my life for such idiotic and violent people? 

No I mustn’t. 

I have put myself on the line for years, I was the first and only blogger in the world to do videos in farms and tell the truth regarding our sector. 

This meant I could create a network of people who are passionate about fur like me, work with big companies in the sector, travel but also attract many enemies: 
violent, bad, angry, dangerous people 

I always promote only furs that are made with skins that come from certified farms. Farms that respect the rules. 

I am against Chinese farms and all those that are “outlaws”.

There are those that respect rules and those that don’t. 

There are those that pay taxes and those that don’t. 

That applies to all areas. In the world and in life.

I will not justify those who threaten and attack me and I can partly understand their anger. They are victims of the media. Victims of miscommunication. 

Unfortunately our sector has always been communicated and promoted in the wrong way. The people at the world fur organisation who deal with communication have an “old” mentality (I have no appreciation for them).
They have never tried to update people in the right way, spreading the right information. Because of them there is a lot of general misinformation. I understand that seeing a video on  Youtube where animals are killed by skinning them alive can trigger rage, nervousness and can bring people to do all kinds of “crap” on the web like targeting the fur sector.
If I hadn’t informed myself so well I would have done it too. 

The point is 

that most of the videos posted on You Tube are false

Animals are not skinned alive and here is a post with more information. 

Getting information about our sector is difficult. 

I was naive to think that with my blog people against furs would want to hear my opinion, read, get informed but that’s not the case. 

I found only violent people who not knowing how to let out their rage, attacked me. 

I have a life outside the fur world. 

And I have a right to defend myself and protect myself from these people. 

Lady Fur 


  • HI Samantha. It is wonderful to see you posting again on here ^^* I love all of your work and it is very sad to hear that anyone would not love your work and would want to hack you. I hope that you will get everything sorted and that it may not happen again. I look forward to seeing what you post in the future not only on this blog but on your social media and other websites. With love and hugs Jon xox

  • Sorry for what you’ve had to deal with. When it comes to the anti-fur haters, they are not interested in the truth, and they are not interested in humane farming practices. They are interested in a complete and total ban by any means, and that is the only thing they are interested in. They simply repeat the lies of hate groups like PeTA and HSUS because if you repeat a lie often enough some people will start to believe it. They constantly mention these snuff videos which have never been independently verified, are highly edited, and staged. The media sadly refers to these anti-fur haters as activists. These individuals are not “activists”, they have become a militant hate group.

  • Lady Fur,

    I am very sorry to learn this happened to you. Some of the anti-fur contingent goes way too far. They are entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to harass and attack others.

    Fur lovers have your back!

  • Nice that you are back. You shall never give up!

    btw Have you updated your website and information security properly? Judging from a quick outside scan there are still some technical issues to improve.

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