Python is my second skin


I love all kinds of skin from python to crocodile, from ostrich leather to calfskin but my favorites are those with scales. This year, the python and crocodile skins are the queens of spring-summer, although in my opinion the skins are not a trend and will never go out of style, even from year to year they are ganing more and more value.

I love leather because it lasts for years, it is indestructible and unlike other accesories or clothing made in other materials, leather goods don’t need the brand of the fashion house to be promoted or be recognized as such they are. The skin has its own language… It speaks for itself.

A leather bag used over the years is able to reflect the class and charm of the personality of the wearer.

The exotic skin are the most valued, my favorite is the crocodile! I wonder if one day I can afford an alligator bag… I dream it since I was 17 years old.

Very soon I will write a post on how to recognize a good crocodile leather from a “fake”

Miao Miao


Photo: Alessandra Soldo


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