Mifur 2014: I sell fur, not apples


The exhibitors of Mifur, despite being very busy, looked at me bewildered.

On the tables of my little booth there were so many green apples with my label!

Someone smiled and shook his head, others asked, “But, she sells apples?”

“No, I sell fur”, was my reply.

In fact, with Alexis and my grandmother, we had just finished attacking five hundred apples with as many labels that have the logo of my collection, inflated balloons and placed the last things in the stand. Now everything is ready. And tomorrow is the big day: the Fair begins!

Apples? We will offer them to all visitors in order to spread my brand around the Fair because being in a new brand, few know about it ..

Good or bad idea? I’ll be able to tell you at the end of the Fair.

Let’s hope so!!


Lady Fur





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