Autumn-Winter 2014-15 DROMe Collection

DROME: Autumn-Winter Collection 2014/15

I have the pleasure to share with you my experience from DROMe during Milan Fashion Week.

The Autumn-Winter 2014-15 DROMe collection is totally inspirited from the London “underground” frequented by local artists and illustrators, as if to recall timeless British independent music.

Each piece signed by the designer Marianna Rosati transmits her passion for art and music. In fact, classical linear models apparently made ​​of treated fabric tassel-like Satin appears to touch on the dirtying of graffiti and Pop. The zips also have an important role: one is to almost to draw the lines of the female body, up to triple, which gives the idea of geometry.

The FOCUS is dedicated to volumes: the outerwear ranging from super mini to maxi overcoats with shoulders that slope gently up to the bomber jacket with importantly defined sleeves.

The affect of tassel skirts made ​​of rigid plongè  to support the bell effect, that fall below the knees, and delicious sweatshirts carved in rabbit.

The Perfect jacket is to last to infinity: it appears like a redingote, or trapezoidal in Illusion, yet it is still a short down jacket and super-puffy.

The leading garments in nappa leather coupled with jersey are enriched with studs in black shiny plexiglass that give the effect of pearls.

The lines of the small redingote coat are enhanced by patent leather belts that are also used in the borders of the outerwear.

The colors are hot and intense: varying from burgundy to navy without neglecting straw and white.

And finally, a mention of the shoes: strictly low, leather and patent leather, made ​​in collaboration with Raparo.

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    It’s been a long time since I have seen anyone as tragic and pathetic as you – hanging your hat on the excruciating deaths of millions of animals to make some irrelevant fashion statement. One day you’ll realise you don’t need to contribute to the senseless murder of innocent animals to be fashionable . I hope that day comes soon as until then you are a tragic waste of space

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