Feline soul

Dear Fur lovers, they say that the eyes are the mirror to the soul … in the eyes of Margot I see myself: sneaky, intelligent and with her way of doing things to which you can never say no. Ours is a kindred soul, driven by convenience and ease. We’re often lying for hours on the sofa at home.

Lady Fur may seem to be just a name but it is actually who I am, a girl who has made her soul “feline”, and my way of life. Oscar Wilde said, “nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary”. I agree completely and believe we should live in contact with everything that shines and that gives us warmth: nothing can do this better than a fur coat.


I stop and observe Margot … we look in the same direction and always ahead because even if we fall, we land on our feet. 🙂

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Fur Coat: Vladimiro Gioia

Photo: Alessandra Soldo

Makeup: Guja Rigattieri

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