Mink Black Cross my favorite Kopenhagen Fur

Mink Black Cross because in the photos you can see I am holding a lot of mink black cross.

Despite the fact that the market tends to keep mutated skins like mink black cross down, the price increases because they are rare, for more esclusive clients. Very probably (shortly) female black cross skins will be more expensive than the males.

Mink Black cross is a skin that is really loved by designers, above all this one that you see in the photo, because it has a white base that is very easy to color.

There are several types of mink black cross, there is the brown one (I don’t particularly love it because it has very short, reddish hair), black cross sapphire (that I really like) and Cross Silverblue. Click here to see other types of mutation mink 

To know about black cross mink read the post written in 2014.

For the first day at  Kopenhagen Fur having an important meeting, I chose to wear a little BOYISH business girl look.

High waisted trousers with fold, Zara t-shirt, varnish mocassino in vernice Pas De Rouge.

Mauro Grifoni sweater

The photos were taken in the internal garden of Kopenhagen Fur that is full of plants and beautiful peaches.

Soon I will share the video with my whole experience in Kopenhagen Fur.

DON’T MISS MY LOOKS ON GRAZIA black cross skins lady fur


Photo: azzurrapiccardi.com


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