Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction Day Two

Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction day two of an amazing experience at the fur auction house in Denmark with Guida brokers

Kopenhagen Fur These are photos that tell a little reportage ‘my experience at auctions.

With these photos I show you a small part of Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction, the Danish auction  house of fur skins where I am these days. For those who have not read the previous posts I suggest you click on the first post here, and the second here.

If you have just arrived on my blog I suggest you read all the posts done regarding Kopenhagen Fur clicking here or going directly on their web site kopenhagenfur.com in order to access all the necessary information.

Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction my day

After makeup, from 9.00 to 10.00 I leave the hotel where I am staying, situated in the center of Copenhagen, to be at 11 am in Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction which is located in Glostrup, in the woods. It is about a twenty-five minute drive.

The auction for brokers (buyers of skin) starts at 8.30 to finish at 19.30 or up to  20:00.

As you can see from the photo below, the Guida Brokers happily lent their office for the duration of my experience.guida brokers lady fur

Having an office is necessary because at the end of the shoot and the video recording  Azzurra and I, ( Azzurra Piccardi is the photographer who is following me lately she was with me also in Helsinki) begins the real work: screening of the post and that the postproduction images, writing the posts  for you and Google,  contacting the press offices, sharing on social networks and promoting of the  contents. Hours and hours of work: about 2 hours sleep a night but we are overjoyed to do it especially for the end result.

I take this opportunity to thank you who follow me: you are growing more and more.=)

Returning to work here in Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction

Here in a few words Is what happens. By day we take everything that we believe are interesting for you (skins, auction, people, my look with fur skins) and everything that pleases me; then in the evening / night work to get everything on the blog day-by-day.

I want especially to share my experiences to Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction day-by-day. I think it’s exciting for you to discover what I’m doing here every day and I’m also following your requests that I get on social tend to discover as much as possible of these my experiences.

We are doing everything possible =)

Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction Photos

In photographs taken here in Kopenhagen Fur Center Auction you see:

– A part of the Inspection Room Kopenhagen Fur where there are many fur skins. Remember my video about 25 MILLION SKINS in which I explained how the auction works  illustrating the assortment of fur skins, especially mink that are the strength of the Auction house of Kopenhagen Fur? But I want to point out that the Kopenhagen Fur not only sells mink but also sable mink, Swakara, beavers, foxes, rex and sealskins (I really love SEAL SKINS).

– The Auction Room where he is fighting the auction and where the adrenaline you can touch with your hand. =)

– Some pictures of me in the stand of Oh!, a Danish brand of accessories by  Kopenhagen Fur (in auction there are about 10  stands dedicated mostly to the tannery, to luxury brands such as precious stones and watches. The stands are more important for tanners..

– The person with the overall of Kopenhagen Fur you see with me in the picture is Grassi, a tanner of MIB.KopenhagenFur_Auction_2015_20

For Tanners the auction is the time when they close important contracts.

Let me explain: the fur skins purchased at auction by the brokers are in the rough. Infact, if you look closely at the photos, fur skins will seem harsh …. and because they are not yet tanned. After buying the brokers will travel to tanners for processing. At the end of tanning the skins are soft and ready to use.

As I write this post I realize how much information and material I have shared with you over the last two years and at the time also weave than I have learned. Doing this work (fur blogger) means always staying on the piece, having an overview of all (fashion, fur web, economy) and is a continuous CONTINUOUS UPDATE also at the political level. Changes in laws, positions associations etc … The world of fur is a system as complex as that of fashion maybe more.

About my looks

Lady Fur Look

I chose a basic look trousers, shirt and moccasins.

The trousers don’t make me look talee because they have a high waist and don’t fall above the ankle but  a little under so I alternated the Sperry mocassins and the silver ballerina heeled shoes.

perry lay fur

Pants, shirt and silver shoes: Zara (were years that I was serving as Zara some ‘because the brand of clothing give me so many clothes and a little’ because I had been to Zadar two years ago a lot cheaper, cheap)

Today Zara has become a big store, almost luxurious, the customer experience is 5 star, you can even have the personal shopper for free. TOP =)

I still choose to go to Zara because I wanted a very basic look classic and elegant to wear here in Asta, when I work.

The clothes donated by brand not represent my true style so I opted for this look. I had a scarf that we have not photographed.

See you tomorrow

Lady Fur

Azzurra Piccardi Photos


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