Lady Fur new look through the eyes of Alessandra Soldo

Cat Gold Girl look by Lady Fur

Dear fur Lovers

As you have seen from the video I shared yesterday I changed look. From blonde to brunette.

Which look do you prefer?

In my opinion the cat spotted fur ears fit better on brunette don’t you think?

Here I’m wearing a gold stretch dress sprinkled by sequin designed by Manoush and a chocolate coat with a ground-hog neck by Carlo Ramello.

Did you enjoy Mifur’s video?

He didn’t come off like we wanted but it is a wonderful memory, anyway.

fur_coat_lady_fur_welovefur_ looks cat ears fur coat gold marmot fur gold lady fur ears cat lady fur marmot fur gold cat girlmanoush-dress_gold_paiettes

Photos : Alessandra Soldo
Miao Miao
Lady Fur
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