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Economical furs: do they exist? What are the prices and above all when is it a good idea to go for low cost?

Economical furs wanted! Yes, because sometimes even accessible luxury is an irresistible temptation, even for who like us has a beautiful collection of furs. But…

You can never have enough furs. 

Furs that are inaccessible, sought over, full of inlays, are always absolute must-haves, but the temptation of a real low cost piece is unstoppable.

I will not talk here of used or vintage furs (I can refer you to this post on that subject); instead I will talk to you of real, new, economical furs like the one I am wearing in these photos.lady fur wearing economical fur saint germen

Economical furs: my blue gilet

Look at these photos of me in London, and tell me if this half-sleeved blue mink gilet doesn’t look like it’s worth thousands of euros.

Do you want to know where to buy economical furs online that are as beautiful as this one?

Easy. On the site of Saint Germain (here you will find the online shop), a Greek that produces excellent pieces in real fur. We will go into the history and the characteristics later on.

First I want to make you reflect on a fact that is absolutely not a given: economical fur does not necessarily mean bad quality, quite the opposite. Often there are production details – position, knowing the right suppliers, the history of a country  – that allow a brand to create pieces in real fur at a really competitive price.

This is the case in question obviously.

The fur that I am wearing is a light blue mink gilet, a colour that after pink is starting to show up everywhere: in the collections of the great fashion stylists and at sector fairs.

Super soft hair, delicate pastel colour and splendid: I love this gilet, and I can wear it both as soon as the first cold starts, and with the more rigid winter, maybe wearing it with a leather jacket underneath or a heavy wool jumper.

Saint Germain Furs: the brand

Maybe someone will already know this brand: Saint Germain.

Saint Germain is a Greek furrier that thanks to its strategic position – north continental Greece not distant from the borders with Albania and Macedonia – can maintain very competitive prices for their products.

Connected to the best fur producers in the world and thanks to collaborators that have a deep knowledge of the whole selection process of the untreated furs, Saint Germain has decided to throw itself into the mix of fur brands and has hit the bullseye. Absolutely traditional working methods and modern design: the perfect mix for entering the competitive world of fashion, with a particular eye on the prices.

The furs of Saint Germain are in fact very economical: the objective of the brand is in fact to keep prices affordable without reducing the quality of the piece. Incredible, isn’t it?  

Economical furs: prices

But what do I mean when I say economical fur? I’m talking about very good prices for outerwear in mink, obviously new, sometimes coloured and with a cut that is at times classical and at times more modern. Generally they are fur coats that are quite simply made, but from the sewing to the lining, everything is perfect.

As for the brand Saint Germain I am talking of a starting price that goes from about 700 to 1.000 euros, a really small figure for a garment of this importance. The prices go up to 1.500/1.700 euros. 

Who do I advise buying economical furs?

First of all young people: a birthday or graduation present for a girl who wants her first fur and doesn’t want to have to go for vintage. Saint Germain’s furs are perfect because they have models that are suitable also for the really young.  

Then I advise buying low cost furs also when you are not sure to wear some pieces: do you really love the pink fur that has been so in vogue in the last years? Saint Germain Furs for example has them and the starting price is really low.

It’s great to follow trends and high fashion brands, but if you are fickle and you don’t know well what your taste will be in a few years go for this type of fur: quality but with a contained price.

A real low cost fur can represent an accessible luxury if you want to treat yourself, go for a particular piece without regretting it some years later.

And obviously I advise buying an economical fur to shopaholics who want to increase their own collection.

Discounted economical furs: when to buy them

Then as well as brands like Saint Germain there are thousands of opportunities to buy discounted furs online: remember that on e-commerce sites like Net-â-Porter, Yoox, MyTheresa, during the winter sales there are lots of discounts on outerwear, furs included.  

If the starting prices are not low, put the fur you want on your wishlist and as soon as the sales period starts check if the site has put the piece you want on sale. Generally all high fashion e-commerce sites have some furs, and at the end of December they offer important discounts: from 30% up to the final sales that sometimes reach 70%.

You can get great bargains in this way or by going for interesting and well priced brands like Saint Germain.

And what do you think of economical furs and in particular this light blue gilet?

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments!


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