Chic Shanghai 2017 photos

Chic Shanghai 2017 find my personal experience and photos 

Chic Shanghai 2017 the most influential fair of Asia and also one of the biggest I have ever visited in my life. This time instead of making a long long video of the fair as I did last year please click here I decided to do something different that as I imagined is working very well.

This year I showed you day by day my incredible experience at the fair Chic Shanghai 2017 on my Instagram and I got more than 15 thousand views per video. I also made  a video for you tube about my fashion month that regards also Chic. The video in less than one week got more than 10 thousand views and the number is growing =)

In the post of my announcement of my collaboration with Chic I wrote I could not wait to rock Chic Shanghai.

And let me say: WE ROCKED !!!

If you look on Grazia you will see everything special we did and below the photos we took around the fair.

Soon we will share also the photos we took in front of The Bund at the hotel and around Shanghai.

Some useful information about Chic Shanghai 

CHIC Shanghai: the biggest fashion fair in Asia 

CHIC Shanghai was a fascinating experience. The spring edition was from 15 to 17 March 2017 and the next will be in October.

CHIC Shanghai, or rather China International Fashion Fair, is the biggest fair event of the fashion sector in Asia, that every year dictates fashion and trends for the following year.

The exhibition area 100.000 square meters and hosts exhibitors from all over the world.  

The numbers of CHIC Shanghai are impressive: the spring edition closed with 108,164 visitators coming from 70 different countries.  

1,213 exhibitors, many from beyond the Chinese borders, offered the best of their products to over 100 000 buyers from shopping centres, department stores and  concept stores. Compared to the previous edition there were even +3,5% more visitors. 

This year one of the focal points of CHIC Shanghai was innovation, the desire to be different and offer as much variety as possible to the buyers. This reflects the necessity of the Chinese market to always keep up with trends. Chinese consumers are hungry for trends and devour them rapidly. 

“The most important thing in fashion and the textile industry is offering technical development and new designs, thus inciting the desire for diversity” so says Chen Dapeng, head of CHIC and president of the China National Garment Association.

CHIC represents and absolutely excellent starting point for who is looking for new trends in the sector and who wants to invest in a fresh image of fashion. In addition it is a decisive step for who wants to enter the more than interesting Chinese market.  

It’s not by chance that many Italian associations and brands decided to invest in such an important fair for the world market.

For example the Ente Moda Italia participated for the third time and after only 3 editions is starting to enter the Chinese market, a market that is not as easy as you might think, even if it is in continuous growth; the numbers support this, like the +18,6% of shopping online in 2016 (and for 2017 a growth of another 10% is expected).

Who wants to open up to the Chinese market must, without the shadow of a doubt, take part in CHIC. 

As the vice president of the Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association says “We have been taking part in CHIC for many years and we have had success with our brands and we will continue to participate for many years to come”. 

And Roby Spernanzoni of Sparnanzoni SRL affirms “CHIC is the only Chinese fair we participate in and for us it is a really valuable event and it is really important for accessing the Chinese market. This is the sixth time we have participated”. 

When will the next edition of CHIC Shanghai be? From 11 to 13 October 2017. 

Webiste of Chic Shnaghai 

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