Fur top: romantic inlays of butterflies made in Italy

lady fur wearing di carlo london

A fur top can change your outfit, give you joy and above all make your look unforgettable.

The fur top I am wearing in this photo in London is Di Carlo; don’t you know Di Carlo? I will tell you something more in a few lines, but for now just know that making this type of top takes craftsmanship, knowledge of furs and also of knitwear.

A piece of this type cannot be improvised, ladies and gentlemen.

Fur top: how one item can change your whole look.

This in particular is a cachemire top with a fantastic inlay in the shape of a butterfly, a trend that I am sure we will see soon, and in particular the next  autumn/winter.

A fur top that encompasses three great qualities: precious material (fox fur), craftsmanship and the flair to propose a contemporary trend.

A piece of this type literally changes your way of facing your day, take Ladyfur’s word for it.

Di Carlo Furrier

As I already told you this fur top is by Di Carlo (here is the site); craftsmanship, made in Italy and incredible selection of materials and skins.

A brand that is a symbol of luxury, Di Carlo, creates garments that unite on one side the knowledge of the creation of high range fiber, and on the other using the most interesting furs, like fox.  

Made in Italy, or rather made in Lombardy: Di Carlo as well as doing everything by hand, using the knowledge of Italian tailoring tradition, and obviously making everything to measure for his clients, still has his production in Como, a few kilometres from Milan.

Di Carlo Furrier started in 1975; more than 40 years of history and skill handed down from generation to generation, that always produces products of the highest quality and perfectly finished.  

No piece, no line, is left to chance: everything at Di Carlo is studied, from the point of view of the shape and materials. 

Di Carlo 1975 remains the historical fur brand of Como, but as I hinted many items are tailor-made for the exigent clients that want a unique piece made to measure. Only all this tradition could produce such a refined fur top: the super soft cachemire almost blends into the fox collar and  the hand-made butterfly inlay gives a touch of absolute glamour.

Check out this photo, I was in London and I felt so romantic walking around the streets with this outfit and with this item on.

Fur butterfly top: the trend

Quality of the skins, of the cachemire and that naturalistic detail: my fur top has all these characteristics, but let’s focus on a trend that I am very fond of. More and more often, you will have noticed, fashion goes for the splendid motifs of nature: in clothes we see more and more patterns inspired by plants and animals. In the last few years palms, cactus, exotic animals like tigers, panthers, monkeys have appeared in succession; spring summer fashion has particularly enjoyed this theme, with the colours of the forest that are always very full and vibrant.

And what will be the next trend in this sense? 

Without doubt reproducing the autumnal atmosphere of the wood and all its protagonists on high range and luxury pieces like the fur top I am wearing in the photos.

In this case the subject is butterflies: is there any more delicate and romantic living thing? I am convinced that soon we will see many other pieces with butterfly inlays or prints.

And if you look carefully at this top in fur by Di Carlo in particular you will see that the decoration is absolutely in line with the rest of the piece and it revives its vibrant colours.

Fur top: how to wear it

And following the trend for butterflies, lightness and romanticism I decided to wear the top with a look that would enhance it delicately. The fur top is absolutely the star, but under I wear a very simple pink dress – with trim – that contrasts with a light blue blouse and obviously picks up the colours of the butterflies.

Under some burnt brown suede cuissardes with not too high heel, that complete a timeless outfit. Fur tops have in fact the great advantage of making you dream the 70s, but always appear modern and fashionable. Try to play with your little dress or maxi dress.

What is more fur tops can be used as a jacket when the first cold of autumn starts: a chic way to face the mid season.

Where you can find Di Carlo furs

Where can you find a fur top like the one I am wearing in the photo? At Di Carlo’s showroom..

Here is the address, and telephone number to make an appointment. Remember that as well as the collection Di Carlo makes tailor-made pieces. Take advantage of that!Di Carlo

Via Belvedere 6, Villa Guardia, Como (Italy)

Tel +39 031 483080

Do you like the trend of the fur top with butterflies?

Lady Fur

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