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On the 18th of November in the airport of Milan Malpensa, I was getting ready to take the plane to Copenhagen. A few minutes before departure, I tweeted with my Iphone5 the news of my arrival in the Danish capital.

A few seconds later, a fur shop in Copenhagen answered me (We are happy to know that you are coming to our city, I hope you have time to stop by us!). Very happy and surprised, I answered the tweet accepting their invitation.

I was surprised as fur shops are usually managed by people with an average age of 50/60, and it’s quite rare that they use social networks, above all that they use Twitter.

And I was happy to be followed by a store with such an important history.


I always say, my site is followed by adults, unlike all the other fashion blogs that are followed by an average age of 16 – 25 years old, mine is followed by people aged between 30 and 50 years old.

Well! The last day of my video experience shot for Kopenhagen Fur (the mother of many, many fur shops all over the world), I went to find the MARGIT PELS fur shop founded in 1967.

They say that the Danish are cold, I have never received so much love and warmth!

I opened the shop door, and the founder’s daughter greeted me with a big smile, recognised me immediately, SMILES KISSES, HUGS, PHOTOS, and CHOCOLATES.

They told me their story with passion and gave me a really soft woolen hat with fox that you will soon see on my blog.

I felt like part of their FAMILY, completely AT HOME. When I enter REAL FUR SHOPS, that’s what happens. These are shops run by families who do their job with love and passion.

Margit Pels was founded in 1967, is situated in the center of Copenhagen and is a very welcoming and rich shop with all types of fur. Fox, sable, mink, leather, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

If you have a fur in your wardrobe that you don’t wear any more, I advise you to take it to Margit Pels who will transform it or value it, to then exchange it for a new one.

Attached to the colour of the fur they propose garments that last in time, have a very classic style and are thought for elegant women.

So, if you are in Copenhagen pop in Margit Pels. =)=)

Big kisses,

Miao Miao

PS: next week I will publish a post that will analyze the problem that fur shops have today, the changing society.

Stay tuned!

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