Fur shoes , the winter trend to be luxurious and comfortable

fur shoes

Fur shoes, if you are looking for fur boots, sandals or décolleté the important here is comfort and colour.

Fur shoes: designers insert each time more and more fur on the inside and on the outside of their shoe designs and obviously we cant stop ourselves of buying them.

gucci fur shoes

Boots with fur on the inside, maybe with some fur on the upper part; or sneakers with fucsia pom poms, even extremely elegant décolleté with a pink or coloured fur touch, also winter sandals and clogs: making it short there are models for all kinds of tastes

Fur shoes: a must for this autumn-winter 2016-2017

fur shoe fendi

The fur shoes with fur on their inside are most certainly not something new, but in the past few years furs, only for our joy, have started to be used also on shoes on models we would not have imagined it: sandals -thinking of models like Marni and Puma-, slippers as the ones Gucci has made and oxfords.

For the fall winter 2017 we can find fur even on the outside of our shoes: in the image above, the Fendi runways show and advertising campaign who indulged with ankle boots and creepers.

Furthermore you can chose whatever design you love you most likely will find it in a fur version.

Fur boots

Fur boots with fur on the inside is to keep you feet warm -those chilly people out there will understand me perfectly- and boots with fur on the outside is most likely to make your outfit immediately more glamorous.

Rihanna knows this well, she is really passionate about fur shoes.

fur boots fendi

Compared to fur boots that are open on the back, we prefer this ankle boot from the new Fendi collection.

Here below you will find them in black, but the fur ankle boots and booties selection is really ample.

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Miu Miu’s version are very interesting and they were very careful with details, as you can see the heel is covered in fur: Marvellous!

But the fur boots have always been a must have in winter season, classic designs as zarina are never be will out of fashion: take as an example these fox fur shoes made by Jimmy Choo or these Manolo Blahnik ankle booties, that shout out snow and mountains from every angle!

Take a look at these other 2 galleries for many other models with either high and low cuts.

Fur sandals and fur sneakers

fur shoe inside pinl

If boots are a more obvious or better said natural choice when we talk about fur shoes, in the latest fall winter 2017 collections we have seen the rapid growth of more peculiar models in mink, rabbit and fox fur.

Flat sandals and sneakers with fur details that cannot be left out. On the sneakers with fur trend Fendi jumped head first into it -who if not them- they launched the Karlito Goat Fur & Leather Sneakers that are extremely fun, where maxi fucsia pom poms hang over the model. But Fendi was not the only brand that had fun with their sneakers, check these out:click here to shop

Now that we are talking of curious shoe designs with furs we can not oversee talking about one of the biggest trends for this fall-winter season: fur sandals.

fur slippers puma

Lets talk a little more about Rihanna: she is the testimonial for the fur sandals or fur slippers made by Puma. You can buy these on LuisaviaRoma.

A little while before Marni had launched winter sandals in many different colours and materials: these green mink tartan are unforgettable.

Take a look at other shoe models browsing this gallery

Fur shoes , the elegant ones

fur sandals

Fur is a synonym of elegance, specially if we are talking about winter shoes: in the picture above, the model Bella Hadid is wearing simple fur sandals, but as you can see they are perfect to make the look a lot more sophisticated.

Have a look at this Gianvito Rossi model, but also browse a little bit out gallery here below to see how many beautiful fur sandal models have been made by different brands for this winter.

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Charlotte Olympia has mixed fur with glitter, Dolce & Gabbana have added pom poms and other decorations in coloured mink and Swarovski to their Mary Janes.

Here you can discover even more designs:

Fur shoes , the more peculiar ones such as Gucci slippers and clogs

Last but not least important we have the Gucci slippers, fur shoes with the fur on the inside, warm and a real have been must for a few seasons now.

I have dedicated an article to these splendid and perfect shoes,  which are perfect for any occasion – they are extremely comfortable and versatile. Every season Gucci repeats this design but always proposing new color ideas and furs. The studded design should immediately enter your wish-list.

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Another very peculiar shoe design are: Clogs – the wooden dutch shoes with heels- many times are covered on the inside or on the outside in fur. On one side we can find the red model made by Gucci and a more easy-going design by Fendi.

Which ones do you prefer?

Here a little gallery for you to take a sneak-peak at other peculiar designs.

And you? Which winter fur shoe do you have in your closet? Or which will you give yourself a a gift?

Write you answers in the comments!

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