Christmas Fur 2016 for her: 5 suggestion on the fur topic

christmas fur 2016

Christmas Fur 2016 for her, if you don’t know which way to turn for this December 25

Christmas Fur 2016 for her, for your mom or your friend? You have no idea where to start?

We have thought of 6 suggestions, 6 categories for christmas gifts, obviously fur oriented.

The Welovefur team has selected the best fur accessories and the best outerwear that will cause great joy to your girlfriend, friend, daughters and whoever you would like to give a precious gift.

If you ran out of ideas for gifts we are here on a rescue mission, with beautiful prices found on the best online shops, carefully selected only for you!

Christmas Fur 2016 – Fur accessories

Lets start with Christmas fur accessories. From the smallest fur accessories – those so-called little thoughtful christmas gifts – up to fur stoles and fur collars for the most important Christmas gifts you have to make.

Fur gifts are always appreciated! Even if it is a little keychain to be attached to your bags.

1.Keychain or accessories for your bag

christmas fur 2016

Are you looking for those little accessories for a tote leather bag, those tiny fur details that give vitality to your look?

Look at what Fendi has done this year playing a lot with pom poms, dolls – some similar to Karl Lagerfeld – and little fur monsters that were made to be attached to a bag or backpack.

Fur gifts for christmas are loved by everybody.

Not only Fendi has done this, here you will find Michael Kors and accessories from Alexander Wang and many others.

If you haven’t found the perfect one yet, here are more gift ideas.

2.Fur Earmuffs

earmuffs christmas fur 2016

Imagine a Christmas atmosphere,  hot chocolate with cinnamon, the Christmas tree with the intermittent lights, what are we missing? Of course! to complete this adorable atmosphere we need to add a beautiful pair of fur earmuffs.

Warm, colourful and more than everything furry,: these is one of the most loved Christmas gifts

One of the most wanted are these fur earmuffs from Eugenia Kim on Moda Operandi

earmuffs eugenia kim

Here we have even more suggestions of fur earmuffs:

3. Fur necks, fur scarves and fur collars

christmas fur gifts 2016

How many times did you think of a boring wool scarf as a Christmas gift this year?

One too many times I guess! Lets leave this item behind and lets talk about beautiful fur collars and fur scarves which are gifts that will make anybody very happy. These accessories transform a coat or a jacket with ease. You aren’t feeling in the mood for too much fur? A fur collar is the perfect detail and it will also warm you up.

If you like this fur collar worn by Olivia Palermo in the picture above there is this Burberry fur collar that has the same colour. Instead if you prefer a colder colour palette as show in the Autumn-Winter Lanvin runway show, Valentino has made this incredible piece.

Haven’t found the perfect fur scarf just yet? Here is another selection for you

4. Fur hats, fur caps and fur gloves

hats christmas fur 2016
Doctor Zhivago

Are you dreaming of the Doctor Zhivago ambience or you just adore a pom pom fur cap?

Another category for Christmas fur 2016 gifts is fur harts: be careful with the sizes. If the fur hat is a surprise, be sure to know the accurate size before buying the hat.

If you have always been in love with Russia, this Zaina hat from Mr and Mrs Italy is perfect.

A wider selection of fur hats in this next slideshow

And what do you say if we add to the gift a beautiful pair of warm gloves? Obviously they must be in leather or in fur.

For the Christmas fur 2016 mood these Rabbit fur gloves from Surrel are ideal, aren’t they? On the other hand for suede and fringe lovers here are a bordeaux pair from Burberry.

For Christmas you may also give gifts such as fur stoles and Christmas fur capes: obviously these are much bigger gifts and will be received with great joy.

Like this striped Marni one on Moda Operandi or this Rochas blue Lamb design

5. Fur gifts

christmas fur coat

Christmas fur coat ? Why not?

If Christmas isn’t the perfect occasion then which is?

Who wouldn’t be the happiest person on earth if you had waiting for you under the Christmas tree an enormous box with a beautiful fur coat on the inside?

When gifts are the topic, you must free you mind and be creative while looking for the most beautiful and particular when looking for furs for the woman of your dreams.

Play with those that have many colours – for example this one by KTS – or maybe you would like to go more into the bon ton mood with a Blancha coat.

A little more christmas fur coats to look at

Did you find the perfect Christmas fur 2016 for her? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Christmas Fur 2016 for her or better for our Lady Fur

What Lady Fur would love to receive for Christmas? She will spend one week in St. Mortiz so she has listed some cool items:

  • Bluemarine dress with the skirt border in fox 
  • A vest in cashmere with a sable oversized hood made by Grandi Fur, they are not online but if she buys it we will share the photos for sure
  • A hat of Furland all white, made with fox and 100% silk
  • A bag in crocodile with the purse handles in fox
  • Lady Fur really would love a Burberry trench with fox
  • The Gucci fur in color orange


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